Last year, it was announced Zendaya had been cast as a "mystery character" named Michelle for the new "Spider-Man" reboot. 

Immediately, Marvel fans began speculating that "Michelle" was code for "M.J." — aka Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's love interest.

As it turns out, the name of Zendaya's character actually is Michelle, not Mary Jane. But she *does* end up re-introducing herself in the final scene of the movie as "M.J.," which has prompted a new slew of theories about the character in future "Spider-Man" movies.

Zendaya pink dress Spider Man premiere
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As her work in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" shows, Zendaya is a great fit for the franchise and she would rock in the next "Spider-Man" movie as M.J. — but unfortunately, some internet trolls refuse to acknowledge her talent because they can't look past her skin color.

Trolls started a #BoycottMarvel movement to voice their anger over the decision to have Zendaya — a Black woman — possibly play a historically white, red-headed character.

Twitter trolls attack Zendaya
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Twitter troll Zendaya Spider-Man
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"Nope," one ignorant troll tweeted using the hashtag #BoycottMARVEL."Won't buy any Marvel products. They compromised the story and the characters in the name of Political Correctness [PC]."

The commenter added, "MJ is white, look at the comics."

Zendaya's fans quickly blasted the troll's hateful commentary.

Zendaya Spider-Man Black M.J.
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Zendaya Black M.J.
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But Paris Jackson felt compelled to step in and shut down the hater herself.

Zendaya Twitter troll Paris Jackson defends
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"Unfortunately some people have to work harder to get recognition for their talent," Jackson wrote, agreeing with the Zendaya supporters. 

"Sick world we live in. Zendaya still slays as usual."

Tell 'em, Jackson.

Paris Jackson
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Zendaya earned her part in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" because she's talented. End of story. 

And let's not forget that M.J.'s race and hair color were never significant to her actual story arc (just like Hermione Granger in "Harry Potter.")

As Jackson noted, Zandaya ~slays~ her role.