Passengers Chris Pratt Jennifer Lawrence trailer
photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is one of the most popular romance franchises of all time — but let's face it, it's pretty boring. Sure, Christian Grey is a BDSM-loving millionaire who brings his beloved Anastasia to new sexual heights, but the whole thing takes place on Earth. Where's the fun in that? There aren't even any spacesuits!

If you're looking for a love that's a little more interstellar, then the upcoming film "Passengers" will definitely be your new favorite on-screen romance. The film tells the story of two space travelers, Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), who meet each other after they wake up 90 years too early from suspended animation. Together they have to figure out why their century-long sleep was disturbed and must save their ship from the perils of deep space exploration.

Basically, imagine if "Romeo and Juliet" and "Gravity" had a baby and then got Star-Lord and Katniss Everdeen to star in it. There are cute robots! Scary robots! Fancy gleaming consoles! Kissing! A terrifying trip into the sun! It's basically everything you could ever want out of a science-fiction movie or a love story, but at the same time. 

Not convinced? Check out the trailer below:

In addition to staring two of the most gorgeous people on the planet (although I won't lie, I do miss chubby "Parks and Recreation"-era Chris Pratt a lot), it also looks downright gorgeous. That's because it's been directed by the Oscar-nominated director of "The Imitation Game," Morten Tyldum— and he's pretty convinced that it's going to be the next "The Notebook"

"For me, it’s a story about what’s important to live a full life. What are the things we need as humans?" he told Entertainment Weekly last month. "It’s not afraid to entertain but at the same time it asks big questions about what does it mean to really feel happy. Every generation has its love story. I feel like this is it."

Let's hope so — some of us sci-fi nerds could use a romance to squee over! 

"Passengers" hits theaters December 21.