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Viewers couldn't believe how "fat" Charlize Theron looked in "Monster."

Charlize Theron body in Monster
photo: Newmarket Films

For her Oscar award-winning portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in "Monster," Theron gained 30 pounds.

By today's standards, Theron was still a thin woman even *after* she packed on the pounds. But in 2003, she suddenly found herself being labeled as a plus-size actress.


Jennifer Love Hewitt stepped out in a bikini and was immediately blasted for her size.

Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini photos
photo: People

In 2007, Hewitt was the subject of tabloid scrutiny when she showed off her "plus-size" body on the beach.

Angered by the blatant fat shaming, Hewitt quickly fired back. She told her body bullies to "Stop calling her fat!" on the cover of People.


At 161 pounds, Tyra Banks was ridiculed for being "American's Next Top Waddle."

Tyra Banks unflattering bikini photos
photo: CBS

Like Hewitt, Banks also found her body plastered across the covers of nearly every magazine. 

Headlines ranged from "Thigh-ra Banks" to "America's Next Top Waddle" to "Tyra Porkchops" — all poking fun at Banks' body in her swimsuit.

But rather than dwell on the hateful commentary, the model-turned-talk show host simply decided to tell her body shamers to "kiss her fat ass."

(A message that still stands today!)