Traditionally, most Disney princesses fit the same mold: They're (usually) white and have long, frizz-free hair, smooth skin, and tiny waists.

However, two bloggers have set out to prove that not all princesses have to be cut from the same cloth, and that princesses aren't determined by the size of their dress or the blemishes on their skin.

Blogger Michelle Elman dressed up as Snow White alongside her friend Eloise, who rocked a Rapunzel-inspired look.

Elman, a body-positive activist known for her account @scarrednotscared, dressed as a Disney princess to prove that not all princesses have to look the same.

"How incredible would it be for little kids to grow up and instead of saying 'I want to look like her!', they could say 'wow she looks like me!'" she posted in a caption. 

"How incredible would it be if the epitome of beauty and the envy of many little girls wasn’t so equated to thinness?"

It's not just about a plus-size princess, either. For Elman, it's equally important to have a princess with scars, too.

"Growing up with Disney, my heart hurt a little. None of them looked like me but you know what made me feel worse?" she wrote. "Scar from the lion king. This is just the beginning of the life long stigma against scars. Think about how many villains have scars!"

Scar also inspired her to dress up as a princess herself.

"I was answering questions for a Channel 4 interview recently when they asked me when the stigma against scars starts," Michelle told Metro. "I thought about it and my answer was that it probably started as soon as I saw Scar in Lion King. I went on to talk about how so many villains are scarred and that began the stigma at a young age."

She said she walked away from her interview wondering why there was so little diversity among Disney princesses.

"After I left the interview, I couldn’t stop thinking about it," she wrote. "Why couldn’t we have a scarred princess? More than that, why can’t we have a whole range of princesses from a fat princess, a disabled princess, a gay princess?"

While Disney has yet to comment on her photos, she wants them to serve a purpose.

Elman tagged Disney in the photos, and as she waits for them to respond, she hopes her photos will inspire those with a childhood dream of a plus-size or scarred princess.