Warning: Major spoilers for "Power Rangers" lie ahead. 

Since everything old is new again, the reintroduction of the Power Rangers over the weekend (March 24) had most '90s kids happily floating in a euphoric bubble. 

However, '80s babies who caught the film might have noticed the intense, striking similarities between this film involving a bunch of "criminals and weirdos" and a cult classic: "The Breakfast Club."

We definitely aren't the first to note the basic similarities.

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The Nerdist called the comparison early on when the trailer debuted in October 2016. The basis of the relationship between the characters in both films is built upon five kids from very different walks of life crossing paths in Saturday morning detention. After breaking down barriers, both groups of misfits teens learn that while they may be different, their struggles are much the same, and through expressing themselves they close the huge "class" gap that often exists in high school politics.

But the similarities do not end there. Not only is the concept eerily similar, the characters, and even certain scenes, are borderline rip-offs.  

Let's break it down...

The Jock:

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Both of these moody, I'm-frustrated-with-the-pressues-of-being-perfect sports bros are quiet literally the same human. Each of the reformed jocks "blow their rides" to state schools by playing a prank, they both carry a holier-than-thou moral complex, and they take on the leadership role in each other their respective groups. 

The princess:

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Claire and the Pink Ranger (Kimberly) have similar back stories, too. Both teens were once stereotypical "mean girls" who ended up ditching the in-crowd to find themselves while finding a way to be kinder to their more socially awkward peers. 

The brain:

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I mean, these two are so alike it's painful. Both are not only supremely intelligent, they even both end up in detention because they both blew up their lockers.

The basket-case:

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Edgy, hot girl on the fringes of society who just deeply wants nothing more than to have a group of friends to call their own? Check and check. 

The criminal:

power ranger
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As both of their groups' respective bad-boys, each of these dudes give their films a plethora of inappropriate one-liners and mysterious swagger. Plus, they each had the best hair out of their co-stars hands down.

But the similarities don't end there — there are even straight up scenes that are duplicated.

bfast club/powerrangers
photo: YouTube/Lionsgate

Like how the jocks both fight with their dads in a car on the way to detention.

And despite being too cool for school, both stand up for the nerdy kid.

photo: YouTube/Lionsgate

You can't make this stuff up.

There is even a round scene where both groups are sitting in a circle baring their souls while participating in some nefarious activity.

photo: IMBD

(You'll have to see "Power Rangers" to peep that scene.)

The TL:DR? Power Rangers is basically what happened after that fateful Saturday in 1985.

I'm OK with that.