At the launch event for Rebel Wilson's new plus-size clothing line, Rebel Wilson X Angels, Wilson made an announcement that was even more exciting than fashion itself.

rebel wilson x angels
photo: Revelist

"I start a new movie here next week, filming all around New York City… called 'Isn’t It Romantic,' and it’s a rom-com, and for once the plus-size girl plays the lead instead of the funny friend," Wilson said to an explosion of cheers. 

"I get to play the lead role and kiss Liam Hemsworth — and kiss multiple other gorgeous men in the movie — which I think is a really, really nice message to put out there."

The new film "follows a cynical woman who doesn't believe in love and then wakes up to discover that her life has become a romantic comedy," according to Variety.

Rebel Wilson
photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images

In addition to Hemsworth, Adam Devine — another "Pitch Perfect" alum — will join the cast. The movie is set for release on Valentine's Day, 2019.

This may be the first move to put a plus-size women in a romantic leading role since "Love On The Run."

Rebel Wilson's previous roles typically cast her as the comic relief, like in "Pitch Perfect"...

... or as the fat, funny friend to the thin lead, as she was to Dakota Johnson in "How To Be Single."

rebel wilson dakota johnson
photo: "How To Be Single"

So it'll be really nice to finally have a bigger girl proving not only that they're worthy of a leading film role, but that they're worthy of love (and from a Hemsworth, no less!) just as much.