WARNING: Major Spoilers for "Rogue One" lie ahead.

With all of the progressive, inclusionary moves this new take on "Star Wars" has blessed us with, fans are anxious to see at least one of their gay 'ships set sail. 

And thanks to the recent release of "Rogue One," fans are setting their sights on the beloved Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus. 

While it is highly unlikely we'll ever see Chirrut x Base ever again (*TEAR*) we can live vicariously through these incredible works of fan art. 

This adorable take on Chirrut's fave line.

Space cuddles!

So much cute.

It's clear who the big spoon is.

Boyfriends who are best friends for the win!

These two had so many tender moments.



This is getting slightly too emotional for me.