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"Star Wars" has always centered around a lot of underlying themes — love, friendship, good vs. evil — but according to Vox,  "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" is the film that "finally" makes it obvious that these movies have always been about war. 

The "Star Wars" prequel hits theaters on Friday, December 16, and critics have already been dropping hints at what fans can expect from the new movie. Vox reported, "The unifying theme of 'Rogue One' is simple: People die in wars. If the 'Star Wars' saga is about a war between freedom and tyranny, then a lot of people are going to die fighting that war."

Despite the fact that all six movies were called "Star Wars" and they each had extensive battle scenes, the article's title, "This is the first 'Star Wars' movie to acknowledge the whole franchise is about war," implied that none of the films actually acknowledge that premise.

So when diehard "Star Wars" fans saw the misleading title, they were pretty much like...

photo: Lucasfilms

They immediately called out Vox for clearly missing the whole point.

Some even jokingly speculated what other movie franchises were obviously about.

Just to make it crystal clear for everyone: "Star Wars" is, in fact, a movie about war.

photo: Lucasfilms