prince eric
photo: The Walt Disney Company

Oh, Prince Eric. If you ask most people, they'll tell you he's their favorite Disney prince. I think he's definitely the prettiest — but he's also dumber than a box of rocks. Eric's been a wide point of discussion as of late thanks to Disney's upcoming live-action production of The Little Mermaid.

A few casting choices for the remake have just been made. Melissa McCarthy is reportedly in talks to play Ursula, and it ruffled a lot of feathers. It's also been confirmed that Halle Bailey will take on the iconic role of Ariel. All this casting talk has Twitter sharing their personal wishes for the rest of the castings, including Prince Eric.

And they've totally nailed his casting with a beloved Marvel actor.

This is Sebastian Stan, whom you definitely know as The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

sebastian stan winter soldier
photo: The Walt Disney Company

Stan first appeared in the MCU as Steve Rogers' lifelong best friend in Captain America: The First Avenger. He then returns to the franchise as the brainwashed, back-from-the-dead villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also makes brief yet important appearances in Captain America: Civil War and the final two installments of the Avengers franchise, Infinity War and Endgame.

For those of you who haven't internet-stalked him (definitely NOT me), this is what Stan looks like when he's not donning his super-soldier wig and scruff.

sebastian stan
photo: Getty Images

I know — he's kind of sort of completely gorgeous. Added bonus: He's really sweet, bashful, and charming too! The whole package, really. Can you tell I like this guy? I like this guy.

Anyway, the internet has taken note that Stan has many of the same physical and emotional qualities as that of a particular Disney prince, one who's about to get his own real-life rendition.

Now that Disney has begun casting for the upcoming Little Mermaid reboot, Twitter is urging Disney to cast Stan as Prince Eric.

The overall sentiment shared across hundreds of tweets is really just, "PLEASE DO IT, DISNEY." And can you really blame people? The right hair dye and styling paired with a clean shave would make Stan the spitting image of the original animated Eric from the 1989 Disney classic.

In fact, I've seen little on my Twitter feed this week save for requests for Stan to be in this freaking movie.

And that's probably because Sebastian Stan is beloved on a whole new level by Marvel fans. His portrayal of the deeply wounded and always conflicted Bucky Barnes — who gets brainwashed by basically Nazis and is forced to fight his best friend he forgot existed — proved Stan can act his butt off.

You can't discredit the fact that Stan looks alarmingly similar to the original.

They both have pale skin, intensely bright blue eyes, devilish smiles, and perpetual puppy dog expressions plastered on their faces. That being said, maybe Stan can bring some much needed intellect to Prince Eric's lacking table. God knows he needs it.

Just one look at this side-by-side should really have you convinced.

Also, think about this — Stan plays a friend-turned-villain-turned-hero in the Marvel universe, and Marvel is owned by Disney. Technically, that already makes him a Disney prince of sorts. And contractually speaking, it'd be super easy to get him to agree to a picture deal of this magnitude. All the pieces are aligning!

So come on, Disney. Hop to it!

photo: CBS Reality

The production company has already confirmed castings for Ariel, Flounder, and Scuttle — surely the announcement for Eric is mere days if not moments away. Give the people what they want, Disney, nay, what they DESERVE. #SebastianForEric!!!