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You know how every year there's an explosion of nerd news around San Diego Comic-Con? Well, Star Wars Celebration is like Comic-Con, but exclusively for "Star Wars" nerds — and with "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," "Star Wars: Episode VIII," and the still-untitled Han Solo spin-off movie on the way, this weekend's Star Wars celebration (July 15 to July 17) in London was full of some amazing news from a galaxy far, far away. 

If you were off hanging out with actual people in the real world this weekend and weren't keeping up with news on the internet, here's what you missed:

Felicity Jones got her own action figure!

photo: Star Wars Celebration

Last year, fans were aggravated when it seemed like Rey was getting a lot less merchandise than her male counterparts despite being the protagonist of the film. But it seems like Lucasfilm has learned their lesson, and that there won't be any need for a #WheresJyn campaign this year, as the very first "Rogue One" action figure announced is one of the film's female protagonist, Jyn Erso. Heck yeah!

Ben Mendelsohn basically cosplayed his own character.

photo: Star Wars Celebration

Remember when Tom Hiddleston arrived to Marvel's 2011 San Diego Comic-Con panel dressed as Loki and demanded that the crowd kneel to him? Yeah, he ain't got nothing on Ben Mendelsohn, who managed to terrify the entire audience dressed as a character we haven't even met yet. That's skill, right there.

Mendelsohn is playing the mysterious director Krennic in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," and while he couldn't tell us anything about the villainous imperial officer, he did pretty much show us everything we needed to know about Krennic without saying a word — and he also had a whole squad of death troopers to back him up, which is more than Loki ever did. Sorry, Laufeyson. 

There's a new poster and footage for "Rogue One."

"Episode VIII" will do something no Star Wars movie has ever done.

photo: Lucasfilm

That is, it will take place immediately after "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" did, according to director Rian Johnson at the "Star Wars: Episode VIII" panel. All the other movies have taken place within a few years of each other, and we learn what went on in-between via the opening crawl. So ... for "Episode VIII," will the crawl just say, "Rey and Luke have been staring at each other for a few minutes" and nothing else? 

You can expect a billion more catchphrases in "Episode VIII."

photo: Lucasfilm

According to Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, "I was looping 'Episode VIII' yesterday, and there's dialogue in there, and I thought, 'Oh boy, I can already see this on a T-shirt.' Rian Johnson is amazing. He'll make you forget all about 'May the Force be with you.' He's come up with so many new catchphrases."

Hamill went full Joker.

BRB, "Killing Joke" nightmares forever.

Our new Han Solo is officially official.

photo: World Rights

It's long been assumed that "Hail, Caesar!" star Alden Ehrenreich would take on the role of the new Han Solo in an upcoming spin-off prequel movie, but it wasn't official until this weekend. Even funnier, director Chris Miller revealed that he was the very first person out of 3,000 to audition — "literally the first person who walked through the door." Filming starts in January 2017, so odds are we'll see him strut his Solo stuff soon!

Grand Admiral Thrawn is officially canon.

Your interest in this depends entirely upon how long you've been a "Star Wars" nerd, but even if you're a newbie, rest assured that it's a very big deal. 

Before the prequels were a dull dream in the back of George Lucas' brain, an entire world of "Star Wars" books, comics, and video games existed in was then known as the Expanded Universe (now you can find it under "Star Wars Legends"), and Thrawn was top dog of that heap. Imagine if Sherlock Holmes were blue-skinned and ridiculously evil and you're pretty close to what he was all about. When the new movies decided to go their own path, however, all of those stories were cast aside.

Except Thrawn! He'll be making his canonical debut in the third season of "Star Wars Rebels," the new trailer revealed. He'll also be played by Lars Mikkelsen, AKA "Rogue One" star Mads Mikkelsen's brother.  Yup, Thrawn is Hannibal-adjacent. That sounds about right. 

The annual Running Of The Willrow Hoods happened again.

In "The Empire Strikes Back," there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-him character running around with a '70s mustache and what appears to be an ice cream maker. His name is Willrow Hood, which we know because he's one of the billions of background extras who got his own "Star Wars" action figure back in the day. Every year at Star Wars Celebration, people dress up as him en masse and run around with ice cream makers to champion his legacy. It's a gorgeous sight. 

Carrie Fisher was still our queen.

photo: Star Wars Celebration

In addition to trying to break the world record for selfies during her one-on-one panel with fellow "Star Wars" alum Warwick Davis, Fisher also let slip that Han Solo's funeral might be an integral part of "Episode VIII." Cool, thanks for warning us, I will be sure to bring a billion tissues to the theater with me. 

Also, Gary miiiiiight have gone after Wicket the Ewok.

photo: Star Wars Celebration

Davis tried to recreate his famous scene with Fisher from "Return Of The Jedi" and her dog, Gary, was not having it. No, Gary, the Ewoks are our friends! Davis resolved the situation by throwing his Ewok hat to Gary and letting him chew on it for a while, which worked out for everybody.