photo: Hot Topic

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? it's in your wallet and possibly soon your wardrobe, once you get a load of this new "Star Wars"-themed fashion line. 

Today (April 26), geek chic retailers Hot Topic and Her Universe released their latest collaboration together, a new line inspired by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Designed by the two winners of last year's Her Universe Fashion show, Leetal Platt and Kelly Cercone, the new series features clothing modeled after Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and (of course) BB-8. 

If you sat through the entire movie thinking, "but when will I be able to wear the Resistance jacket of ultimate friendship like Poe and Finn and Rey do?" Well you can! Right now! It's all happening.


photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

Best of all, it's already available at select Hot Topic stores and on the Hot Topic website in Sizes XS-3X and plus sizes (0-5 or 12-28). Sorry, friends, your paychecks are all going down faster than Han Solo in the Starkiller base when you see this in action:


Finn jacket

photo: Hot Topic

Retails for $69.50.


Stormtrooper Dress

photo: Hot Topic

Retails for $59.50


Rey Cardigan

photo: Hot Topic

Retails for $49.50.


Kylo Ren Dress

photo: Hot Topic

Retails for $64.50.


BB-8 Dress

photo: Hot Topic

Retails for $64.50.


Captain Phasma Jacket and Leggings

photo: Hot Topic

Jacket retails for $69.50; leggings retail for $29.50.


Poe Dameron Flight Dress

photo: Hot Topic

Retails for $59.50.


Rey Dress (coming soon)

photo: Hot Topic

Will retail for $59.50.