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The '90s classic The Craft is getting the reboot treatment. Actress Zoe Lister-Jones will be directing it, and the production crew has brought on some people from the original cast to star. Not much else is known about it so far, but fans already have their opinions. Some people can't wait for the reboot, others don't want it at all. Some, though, want the reboot on the condition that it's done the right way. 

Production hasn't even begun yet, and things are already going wrong. Rachel True, who played Rochelle in the original film, has reportedly been left out of the whole reboot conversation. She said in a video posted to social media that she didn't know anything about the reboot and that people are leaving her name off the cast list when talking about the film. Way harsh.

Calling all witches: A reboot of The Craft is headed your way.

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the craft

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A remake of the witch-centric film The Craft is being rebooted. The original film debuted in 1996 and followed four young witches trying to find their way through high school. It starred Rachel True, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, and Neve Campbell, who play Rochelle, Sarah, Nancy, and Bonnie respectively. 

They become good friends and discover the true strength of their combined powers. Of course, all four of them end up getting a little carried away and inevitably have to deal with the consequences of their actions. 

Actor Zoe Lister-Jones is already slated to write and direct the film. 

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Deadline reports that actress Lister-Jones will be writing and directing this new project. Aside from being an actress, she's also had success behind the camera. She has written some independent films and just got the green light from ABC for her comedy pilot Woman Up

The executives behind the reboot are even bringing back the director of the original film. Andrew Fleming will be an executive producer. Red Wagon Entertainment, which will also be involved in the reboot, is owned by one of The Craft's original producers. So far, this is all we know about the new film. 

The original movie was an iconic beacon about female empowerment.

At its core, that's what this movie was all about. Being in high school is bad enough as it is, but being an outcast in said high school can be really rough. These four young women found each other, uplifted one another, and gave each other the courage to be themselves. The film dealt with racism and bullying, too. Its impact on women is honestly reason enough for the reboot. 

And this reboot is being announced at a time when the Me Too and Time's Up movements are particularly prevalent. 

Spoiler alert: There are scenes in The Craft that deal with sexual assault. Sarah gives her crush, Chris, a love potion, and he falls for her as expected. But the potion was a little too powerful, and she eventually becomes overwhelmed with Chris' affection when the two begin kissing. She ends up trying to push him away at one point, but he won't take no for answer and tries to force himself on her. The reboot could give new light to this topic considering society's many recent conversations regarding sexual assault and consent.

Some fans love the idea of a reboot and want it pretty much right this second.

This fan was so excited by the news they almost cried. But that certainly makes sense for someone who loves it enough to watch it four times a year. They tweeted that they're excited to see what's done with this movie and that hopefully it can be one of their favorites as well. Let's hope they aren't disappointed. 

Some fans don't think a reboot is the best way to go. 

A sequel, sure. But a reboot? Hold on a second. This fan says The Craft "was such a great '90s film and captured that decade perfectly" and feels like a sequel is the better option. The issues high schoolers faced in the '90s might not translate well to modern day, depending on how the film is written. 

This person is totally against a reboot and calls The Craft a "horror movie classic for its time."

Some good things just don't need to be redone and are perfectly fine without the addition of a sequel or a reboot. This fan isn't for the reboot at all. Besides, The Craft has inspired so many horror films over the years that its influence is everywhere. If you want to watch a "reboot" of sorts, just watch one of those? Moral of the story: Leave the past in the past. 

Some fans are open to The Craft 2.0 but aren't keeping their hopes up too high.

A reboot is only as good as you make it, but this film has found its way into many people's hearts. It makes sense that fans have high standards when it comes to their favorite things. Social media is here now, and if production messes up this film, they'll know. No pressure, though. 

Unfortunately, Rachel True is already being erased from the conversation. 

Rachel True played pretty much the only black person or person of color in that movie. She retweeted a post about the reboot by The Hollywood Reporter that didn't list her name in the original cast, although it mentioned the other women. It later corrected the article, but it's annoyingly sad that they chose to omit the only person of color in the first place.  

True went on to say that she doesn't know anything about the reboot, which is sad considering she could be a great resource of nuance in this reboot. She could even make a great addition to the new cast. She says her name doesn't even come on the screen when the original movie airs on TV, which makes this whole thing that much worse.

But one thing's for sure: Fans of the original film want her — and other people of color — there for the new version.

Representation in the media is very important, but there's still some work to be done. Darker-skinned women don't get the kind of representation they should, and many times are replaced with lighter-skinned women in movies and on TV. This fan does NOT want that to happen and really hopes the reboot casts someone who is as "brown as Rachel True or darker."