The Avengers film franchise may have officially come to an end, but that doesn't mean Marvel is anywhere close to throwing in the towel with the MCU. The latest post-Endgame movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home rocked the box office, and there are many other comic book movies in pre-production stages, one of those being the fourth Thor movie. 

Chris Hemsworth's superhero character has gone through multiple changes throughout his four films and in the Avengers franchise, but none were so great as the comedic elements the God of Thunder possessed in Thor: Ragnarok. Thankfully, the same director, Taika Waititi, is taking on this upcoming project, so fans can expect a similar style. 

Fans are already submitting requests for what they'd like to see in the fourth movie. 

Of all the fan theories circling after the announcement of the fourth movie, the strongest among them are Valkyrie's sexuality being addressed, Loki miraculously surviving, and Thor overcoming the depression he acquired from the events of Endgame.

One fan tweeted, "thor 4 wishlist: - loki being alive - valkyrie being openly bisexual - thor taking care of his mental health PLEASE."

The God of Thunder went through some hard times in the years after the snap and lost himself; he has a new crew with the Guardians of the Galaxy and a new purpose now that Thanos has been defeated. 

People really want to believe that Loki is still alive, but he definitely died at the hands of Thanos at the very beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. 

Unless Thor explores the alternate universes that have been introduced in Endgame, the likelihood of Loki making an appearance is slim to none. Of course, we could catch Tom Hiddleston in the role in some kind of flashback sequence, but even that is reaching. 

Fans who are imagining a world with Loki in it poked fun at themselves by saying they are clowns for believing it's a possibility. One person tweeted a picture of Hiddleston in an interview with a clown's wig on his head, and wrote, "me waiting for loki to appear on thor 4:"

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie was last seen ruling over New Asgard after she was dubbed Queen by Thor, who no longer feels worthy to hold that title. 

In Endgame, the Russo brothers featured their first openly gay character in the universe, ever. Of course, it was a background character with little significance to the story, so fans were understandably upset. But Tessa Thompson has been open about playing her character as a member of the LGBTQ community — it just hasn't been put into the canon yet. Many think this fourth film will finally feature the MCU's first openly queer hero in Valkyrie. 

Either way, she had better have a prominent role in the film as the new leader of Asgard. "VALKYRIE IS THE QUEEN OF ASGARD AND SHE DESERVES A BIG ROLE IN THOR 4," one fan wrote on Twitter. 

Some fans are theorizing that the unnamed sequel will actually be primarily about Valkyrie as the new ruler and that Thor will be more of a side character. 

Valkyrie was so beloved by fans after Ragnarok that many think she deserves her own film, and some think it could already be happening with Thor 4

One person tweeted, "I'm curious if VALKYRIE THE QUEEN OF NEW ASGARD will actually be the lead of THOR 4. Would man-babies go insane?" No cast members have been confirmed yet to the new movie, but with Waikiki directing many think those who were a part of Ragnarok will sign on to the film asap.  

Ragnarok was well-received for its comedic elements, so hopefully Waikiki will bring back the humor with punny names like these. 

It didn't take long for fans to take advantage of the rhyming "Thor" and "Four." One person tweeted, "titles for thor 4 ill accept - thor four: more thor - thour." 

Waikiki's Ragnarok has been called the comedic highlight of the MCU, so fans can expect that vibe in the upcoming fourth movie. It was so important to Waikiki to sign on to the fourth film that he halted his live-action project Akira months into production. 

Some fans are hoping for more Revengers, a subgroup of the Avengers heroes that formed during Ragnarok

Another fan-favorite creation to come from Ragnarok was the new group the Revengers, comprised of Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, and Thor, who worked together to escape the planet Sakaar. The trio had great chemistry along with the new addition of some Sakaar residents like the well-meaning and sweet rock alien Korg. 

One fan shared photos of the subgroup and exclaimed in a tweet, "THE REVENGERS IN THOR 4." 

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor left to explore the universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy squad. So if the upcoming Thor film is in the same timeline they will inevitably have a great part to play, too.

One fan determined that the next Thor could also be considered partly a Guardians of the Galaxy film if it follows the timeline post-Endgame. Thor left with Peter Quill, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket or the "Sweet Rabbit" with a new purpose to protect the galaxies. 

The tweet reads, "because thor is hanging out with the guardians we're not only getting thor 4, we're also getting gotg 2.5." 

While little is known about what's to come in the next installment, Marvel fans are excited to continue exploring the future of the MCU and its various universes.