If you've never seen Troop Beverly Hills, holy heck, you are missing. OUT. The iconic movie, which debuted in 1989, chronicles the tale of Phyllis Nefler, a Beverly Hills socialite who's newly separated from her husband. In an attempt to bond with her preteen daughter, Hannah, Phyllis becomes the leader of the child's scout troop, the Wilderness Girls. What ensues is a hilarious adventure including but not limited to snake-infested swamps, a massive jamboree, and (of course) a ton of cookies.

Troop Beverly Hills is, as you've likely noticed, right in that sweet spot of fan-favorite movies that are just old enough to bring back. Which begs the question: Can we get a sequel soon, or what? Just about every '80s or '90s movie (Clueless, The Craft, and Charlie's Angels, among many others, for example) is or has already gotten the reboot treatment, so what's the hold-up on a second installment of Troop Beverly Hills?

Apparently, there is no hold-up! The cast of the iconic comedy film recently reunited for the film's 30-year anniversary. After much-needed reminiscing sessions, the cast hunkered down to answer the one question everyone wants to know — whether or not a reboot is even possible. Given the cast's and creator's answers, it might be time for you to pull out those old Girl Scout badges.