The reaction to the latest Vans announcement has been huge, like troll in the dungeon huge. 

On Monday Vans tweeted, "Something magical coming soon," with a link to its website announcing its collaboration with Harry Potter. This collection follows Vans' widely popular David Bowie collection and the brand's official collection with Led Zeppelin.

While there is no release date or specific details about the line yet, judging from the spellbinding animated visual on the shoe company's site, plenty of gear will most likely be based around the four houses. Fifty points to Vans for its heroic efforts in our footwear needs!

Of course, Twitter had A LOT to say about the news with fans' reactions, including plenty of HP memes, wallets at the ready, and general excitement for the collection to drop.

The initial announcement on Twitter already gives some clues on what's to come. 

The 12-second clip features the iconic Harry Potter logo and some hints at the collection's products. The traditional Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw colors are all there, spiraling around the Vans x Harry Potter announcement. 

Click on the link and wave your wand — I mean mouse — around the screen for a spellbinding visual. Not only will the collection include Vans' famous shoes, but also apparel and accessories too. 

Even a Ravenclaw would screech for a collab this good.

Ravenclaws are known for their wit, intelligence, and creativity — not necessarily their screeching. But a collection like this would have any Hogwarts student howling. 

Journeys employees are about to head into The Battle of Hogwarts. 

One user noted that every employee at Journeys, the skate shoe store where Vans are most notably sold, is about to have a heavy load on their hands. The highly anticipated launch could have lines out the door. Not to mention the unboxing and prepping of the merchandise. Journeys staff, our thoughts are with you. 

Fans of the film franchise are turning to the shoe brand, even if they hadn't thought they would before. 

One user is now a Vans fan thanks to the collection, and all it took was a collaboration with one of the most popular film series in the world. Vans can expect many more naysayers to turn toward their brand after a release like this. 

Hermione would ROCK some Gryffindor slides, I'm just saying. 

Only some HP Vans could make this person as excited as Hermione during a Quidditch tournament. 

Professor Trelawney will tell you that your bank account is going to be a little slimmer after this launch. 

One user on Twitter must have used Divination to see the outcome of buying ALL of the things in this Harry Potter collection. Better head to Gringott's and withdraw plenty of galleons, so you can have the film-inspired line. 

Hand over your entire wallet, but save a few galleons for your copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Fans already have their wallets prepped; we can anticipate that the collection will sell out. Sign up for a notification at the link on the Vans site to be one of the first to snag merch. 

This is how you should feel wearing Harry Potter shoes for the first time. 

One person on Twitter can relate to the wand choosing the wizard — just remember that may not be the case when it comes to picking out your shoes. But then again who are we to judge? 

Until the official release date, I'll be over here looking like I just got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. 

Keep a vigilant eye out for this launch to get the apparel, accessories, and shoes as soon as they launch. Not even Severus Snape could turn his nose up at a Slytherin-themed jacket. Fingers crossed we'll be getting more clues about this collection soon.