It's been two years since Wonder Woman smashed box-office records and proved that the world had been craving more women representation in superhero films. 

Now the first trailer for the upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984 just dropped, and it looks even more exciting than the first. As the title would suggest, it's set in the '80s, keeping on trend with the nostalgia vibes that Stranger Things has cemented into place. 

Two new characters were introduced: Kristen Wiig's Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal as new villain Maxwell Lord. Plus, a surprise return from Chris Pine's beloved Steve Trevor. 

Gal Gadot looks as fierce as ever in the first trailer as Diana. 

The plot is still kept heavily under wraps, but there's clearly plenty of action in the upcoming sequel. The first film was set in the early 1900s and took place during World War I. This time, it's set in the futuristic '80s, with plenty of classic references and a stereotypical '80s mall. 

There are so many women-led superhero or villain movies coming in 2020.

From Margot Robbie's bad-girl flick Birds of Prey to Scarlett Johansson's origin story in Black Widow, there is no shortage of women power in the movies next year. Wonder Woman 1984 releases June 5, 2020, and fans are so excited. One person tweeted this screenshot from the trailer of Diana racing, and expressed their excitement. We have to agree! 

Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is miraculously back, and fans are here for it. 

The last time we saw dreamboat Chris Pine in Wonder Woman he was aboard a doomed airplane. His sacrifice is part of what ended up saving the day, and it seemed unlikely that he could have survived. However, he makes a miraculous return, and hopefully for good this time!

Plus, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal are a part of the cast, which are two incredible additions. Wiig will no doubt bring humor to the script, and Pascal has star power after leading The Mandalorian this year. 

One scene takes place in a classic '80s mall that looks straight out of Stranger Things. 

"Fun fact: I live a few minutes away from the Landmark Mall where this scene in Wonder Woman 1984 was filmed. It’s so insane to see it like this," one person tweeted about the real-life mall that the scene takes place in. Similarly, in Stranger Things, season three was filmed almost entirely in a real mall that was retrofitted to look as if it was set in the 1980s. 

Kristen Wiig is spot-on as Cheetah aka Barbara Minerva, another villain in the upcoming sequel.

Director Patty Jenkins knew she wanted Wiig for the role, though it seems an odd choice for a blockbuster superhero film. The character undergoes a major shift in the film, and Jenkins needed someone who could play the full range of Cheetah. Fans are thrilled to see the comedic actor in a different part — and we can't wait to see her rocking the '80s gear.