Wonder Woman is a demi-god: She hails from an island of Amazonian women, uses a supernatural lasso to destroy her enemies, and has been mentored by Ares, god of war. In the forthcoming "Wonder Woman" reboot, there's one other aspect of her character that's important: her hairless armpits.

Wonder Woman's armpits are so significant, in fact, that Gal Gadot's are digitally-altered until they're unrecognizable.

When Warner Brothers released another much-anticipated trailer over the weekend, many people quickly realized that Gadot's armpits had been terribly Photoshopped. 

Quickly, the trailer's viewers pointed out why her hairless armpits don't make sense.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a woman raised on an island with warrior women shaving her armpits — but digitally altering her skin to appear utterly flawless takes it to another level.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman
photo: IMDB

Photoshop fails make women, even fictional female superheroes, appear aspirational instead of real. 

Do better.