Baywatch movie The Rock Zac Efron
photo: Paramount Pictures

The details of Zac Efron and Dwayne The Rock Johnson's "Baywatch" reboot have been kept tightly under wraps by Paramount Pictures — but probably only because whoever's writing the script is clearly psychic.

Now, new details about Efron's role in the film have emerged, as reported by The Wrap. According to their source who's reportedly closely attached to the project, the "Neighbors" star will play a disgraced two-time gold-winning Olympic swimmer who commits a crime and must work to repair his image as a lifeguard under The Rock's tutelage. 

Gee, does that sound familiar? Because it's basically what's happening to Ryan Lochte right now, an Olympic gold-winning swimmer who was recently caught vandalizing a Brazilian gas station with his teammates during the 2016 Rio Games. After he'd lied and told the world that he'd been held at gunpoint, of course.

Really, it's perfect casting. Just look at these two side-by-side. Look at their sex idiot smiles.

Zac Efron Ryan Lochte

Such exquisite dummies.

photo: Xavier Collin/ Image Press / Geraldo Bubniak / ZUMA Press / Splash New

This is also a radical departure from the origin story of Matt Brody, the original character that Efron's role is based on. In the '90s TV show, he was a ladies man who was wrongly convicted of sexual harassment. Yeah, that angle probably wouldn't fly in 2016.

The studio has yet to confirm whether or not The Wrap's source is accurate. In the meantime, do we think there's a cameo for Zefron's Olympic flirting buddy Simone Biles in the movie?

"Baywatch" is due in theaters May 19, 2017.