Cardi B quotes and sayings
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There's no denying that Cardi B is a talented rapper. (Hellooo, her debut album "Invasion of Privacy" just dropped six days ago, and it's already coming for Billboard's number 1 spot.)

But it was Cardi's infectious personality and her incredible catchphrases that initially shot her to fame.

That's right. Cardi B isn't just a name; it's a language, and everybody's speaking it.

Cardi B in her red tutu dress
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Not fluent in Cardi B just yet? No worries! We've put together a cardi-ctionary to help new fans talk that Bartier talk: 


What it means: 2018's version of "OKAAAAY."

"'Okaaay' is played out," Cardi B explained to Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. 

Cardi noted that "okuuuuuuurt" is supposed to sound like a "cold pigeon" and the levels of "okuuuuuuurt" depend on the situation. 

"Regular degular shmegular"

What it means: Average, girl-next-door type. 

"Regular degular shmegular" is a humble way to describe oneself. Cardi is always quick to remind fans that, although she's achieved immense success, she's still a "regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx."

"Bloody shoes"

What it means: On her track "Blodak Yellow," Cardi uses the phrase "bloody shoes" in reference to her Christian Louboutin heels, which are known for their red soles.

The phrase also alludes to Cardi's ties with The Bloods. 


What it means: According to Cardi, "eeeeooowwww" is what fans should use to describe "good news that's good but not exciting."

(Used in a sentence: "Oh I have a new job, eeeeooowwww.")

Cardi also noted that "eeeeooowwww" is a "sad cat sound." 

"Like a cat that's going through pain," she insisted to Fallon. 


What it means: A higher "EEEEOOOWWWW" is reserved for GREAT news.

This is the "eeeeooowwww" people should use for exciting situations.

"On Kimbo"

What it means: Big; large.

In her single "Lick," Cardi brags about her deposits being "on Kimbo." She told The Cut the phrase simply means "big" and is a nod to the mixed martial artist, Kimbo Slice. 


What it means: "Fleek" is a synonym for Cardi B herself.

"'Fleek' the definition of me. I keep it in check papi. I am a whole different breed," Cardi explained in her track, "On Fleek."

"Emotional gangster"

What it means: On "Love and Hip Hop," Cardi B defined an "emotional gangster" as a "tough chick who cries once every month.”


What it means: "Proper" is descriptor of Cardi B's hair, and her hair ONLY.

“I’m sorry I ain’t proper and shit. My hair proper, though," Cardi once said in an interview.

"Flexin' on the 'gram like aye"

What it means: You know when you post a bomb photo on Instagram and the likes come pouring in? 

That's "flexin on the 'gram like aye," per Cardi's "Finesse" verse. 


What it means: "Shmoney" is just money with a Cardi B twist. 

"Caught a lick"

What it means: Pure luck.

As Cardi explained to The Cut, "Like, you know when you gamble and you hit the dice? You caught a lick. When you find, like, a hundred dollars on the floor. You caught a lick. When you get a multi-million dollar record deal. You caught a lick."

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