The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is set to take place in Shanghai, China in 11 days — but there are *already* multiple mishaps.

One day after model Gigi Hadid announced she won't be walking in this year's show, reports have surfaced that singer Katy Perry won't be allowed to perform in the show, either. 

Was Katy Perry banned from China?
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Perry has been denied a visa to China, preventing her from performing at the VS Fashion Show on November 28.

Perry was the slated performer, but Page Six reports that China has decided to ban her "indefinitely."

Fans speculate China's ban is a response to Perry's sunflower outfit she wore during a concert in 2015.

Katy Perry's Taiwanese flag concert outfit
photo: Twitter

According to Mashable, Taiwan is a Chinese "breakaway state" and is often barred from using its national flag in international events. Perry, however, decided to wear the flag anyway, pairing it with a sunflower dress. 

The dress was a nod to Taiwan's "Sunflower Revolution," in which Taiwanese protesters spoke out against its trade pacts with China.

Knowing her outfit infuriated Chinese officials, Perry attempted to make amends with the government prior to the VS Fashion Show.

Katy Perry's letter to the Chinese government
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In October, Perry sent a letter to the Chinese government stating she would "observe and comply" with Chinese laws and regulations while in Shanghai for the show.

The letter, however, did not sway officials.

Some fans are disappointed by Perry and Hadid's abrupt bans — but others aren't surprised.

Is Katy Perry banned from China?
photo: Twitter

Maybe next year... ?