Long, long ago in Canada, a child actor named Aubrey Graham, who played Jimmy Brooks on the popular teen drama "Degrassi," had distant dreams of becoming a famous rapper. And that Aubrey Graham eventually became Drake, a real-life, very famous rapper.

Drake has slowly been morphing into the legend he always knew he was destined to become — one who is highly confident in his ability to stunt on his competition, get women, start trends, and throw epic pool parties — for roughly the past decade. And now, it's officially at the point where the Drake of today fancies himself some sort of rap overlord, posing for photos in luxe robes and a smoldering, tortured look in his eyes.

But how exactly did Drizzy Drake go from this ...

To this?


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Let's investigate. 

Back in the day, Drake played a charming rich kid named Jimmy, who got shot in the back during a school shooting on "Degrassi."

His character was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his time on the show.

Despite his day job, Drake always knew he was destined for stardom. Even when he was pushing his now-infamous 2004 Acura around, he was always focused on the beats.

Drake used to think driving a Mercedes or a BMW was a "pretentious" thing to do as a teen. Lmao.

In the later "Degrassi" years, Drake rapped at a talent show as Jimmy — a surefire sign of what would come next.

After Jimmy's basketball career ended, he focused his attention on dropping fire mixtapes. 

TBH, "the old Drake" was always destined to die.

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His career as a REAL rapper began in 2007, with baby's first rap single ...

Back before Drake signed to Lil' Wayne's "Young Money" label in 2009, Drake's flow used to sound a lot like Jay-Z's.

And in 2009, Drake had his first radio hit.

"Best I Ever Had" from his mixtape EP "So Far Gone" was the song of the summer in 2009. 

Before releasing his first official album "Thank Me Later," the emotional playa introduced himself to the world.

Fresh off the success of "So Far Gone," Drake entered 2009 all smiles...

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(Look at this baby in the "Bedrock" video!)

... And left 2009 with attitude, and a sexy pout. Yas, queen. Come through.

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Flash forward to 2011, when "Take Care," his second LP was released. On the album's cover, he posed with a candlestick and a fucking chalice, like a stressed out king.

Lol, k.

In 2012, Drake landed the cover of GQ.

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What happens when you put Drake on the cover of GQ? Six months later, he's out on the town looking like this:

Drake 2012
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Here is Drake admiring his Moon Man when he won an MTV VMA for Best Hip Hop Video. Please note: the grown out hair. The chain. The muscle V-neck shirt.

One GQ cover and Drake is suddenly all, "I am papi, hear me roar."

2013 was a big year in the making of Champagne Papi, for this is when Drake began to rep the Dominican Republic, as if he were of Dominican origin.

Here he is sipping a trago in the DR in the "Started from the Bottom" video.

Here's Drake ecstatically repping his "country's" flag.

It was like before our eyes, Drake, a mixed, Jewish-Canadian man of European and African descent, transformed into a cigar-smoking papi chulo.

The transformation has invited a lot of jokes on Twitter and even this tongue-in-cheek video "investigation."

Drake is a man who not only does what he wants — he becomes WHO he wants, too. In his 2015 video for "Jungle" off his mixtape, "If You're Reading This It's Too Late," he speaks in a West Indian accent.

Please skip to the 0:39 mark so you can hear Drake's patois-tinged chatter.  

Pero papi, we thought you were pretending to be Dominican?

This was also around the time when Drake decided to get buff AF, which some read as a next step in his pursuit to be as ethnically ambiguous as possible.

But damn, daddy.

By 2016 Drake was fully immersed in West Indian culture — as seen here in Rihanna's "Work" video:

We never even talked about how Drake is at "The Real Jerk" in sweatpants?!?!

Behold: The 6 God. Sometimes Jamaican, sometimes Dominican, sometimes Canadian, but always a papi.

Klubben går upp, på en Tisdag

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Drake deserves some serious congratulations for becoming the Champagne Papi he's always wanted to be.


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Rocking Miami whites this well is no easy feat.

Showing off your creepy Aaliyah tattoo and your trap muscles at the same time? Not easy, either.


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The effort that goes into being this much of a Champagne Papi is something that only Drake is able to exert.

Thank the 6 God that Drake is up for the challenge.


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