Ed Sheeran "Lady Marmalade" remake
photo: Getty Images

The internet is livid with Ed Sheeran right now. 

Discussing his upcoming collaborative album with Charlamagne tha God in an interview, Sheeran revealed that his inspiration came from an idea to recreate "Lady Maramalade" with a crew of his pals — Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. 

The iconic number was made famous when Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Lil Kim, and Mya collaborated for the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack. Before that it was sung by Patti LaBelle's girl group in 1974 and another girl group All Saints in 1998. 

Ed Sheeran is known for his crooning romance ballads, which doesn't exactly translate well for the campy feminist rock anthem. 

Who could forget this early 2000's empowering rock anthem. 

"Where's all my soul sisters?" the song opens. It's about women reclaiming their sexuality and getting drunk on "Magnolia wine." The incredible costuming is just the cherry on top of the perfection that is this girl group's rendition.

Well, Sheeran thought he could recreate the girl group number with all men...

At the 4:39 mark, Sheeran said that he had a "silly idea" to recreate "Lady Marmalade" with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. 

"I had an idea of doing that with Bruno, Bieber, and me on a record. How fun would that be?" Sheeran said. Apparently when he approached the idea to Bruno Mars, the artist suggested they do a song together first. 

Each featured artist was handpicked by Sheeran, and thankfully no track is titled "Lady Marmalade."

Sheeran is releasing an album in July that entirely consists of collaborations. 

Sheeran's upcoming album No. 6 Collaborations Project will release July 12. He's been able to collaborate with people like Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper on the album, along with other artists he is a fan of. The British singer released a track list but marked out all of the featured artists, so it will remain a mystery who else he'll work with. 

Thankfully, the British musician cleared up his comment in an Instagram story. 

After the interview was posted and fans everywhere took to the internet to shut his idea down he clarified on his story. "Guys, obviously an all male Lady Marmalade would be completely dreadful," he wrote. "I didn't say I wanted to cover it you melons, just that loads of people on a track like that might be fun." 

Twitter decided he needed to be stopped immediately. 

Upon hearing this news people flocked to Twitter and shared a solid nope. One person felt threatened by the idea of a "Lady Marmalade" track with Bruno Mars. "Ed Sheeran has threatened us with a Bruno Mars collab and a 'male Lady Marmalade'" a Twitter user wrote. The girl group number remake has been shut down, but most likely a Bruno Mars collab is still on Sheeran's album. 

People are upset at the fact that a man would have wanted to reclaim this power ballad for themselves. 

It's upsetting to think of the iconic song demeaned in a way by an all-male reboot. It has always been performed by girl groups, so that's how it should stay. If Cardi B wanted to get a group of women together and remake the song, then that'd be another story. One person wrote on Twitter, "no.. it’s called LADY Marmalade for a reason." 

Even Tim Gunn wouldn't waste his breath trying to make this trash collab work. 

The song has become a pillar of gay culture, now. The campy music and makeup are the epitome of queer culture. The thought of Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran trying to make this happen is sickening. According to Gay Times, the R&B star in the song, Mya wants a reunion — that remake would be applauded.  

X-Tina would not be having this right now. 

We can only imagine what her "Lady Marmalade" quartet are saying about Sheeran's "silly idea." They most likely are rolling their eyes like this meme. Of course, Sheeran didn't mean to insinuate that he'd attempt a "Lady Marmalade" remake. He simply wanted to give props to the best collaboration out there, and he certainly wasn't wrong about that.