If you've listened to the radio at least *one* time over the past year, you've definitely heard Emily Warren.

Emily Warren The Chain Smokers
photo: Instagram/@emilywarrennnn

Not only did the Grammy-award-winning songwriter just spend the past few months touring with The Chainsmokers (and is featured in a handful of their songs), she is responsible for the incredible lyrics sung by today's biggest artists. 

Warren has worked with everyone from Shawn Mendes to Jessie J to Noah Cyrus, and her debut single "Hurt By You" has already hit over a million streams on Spotify (um, WHOA).

Emily Warren
photo: Instagram/@emilywarrennnn

But the artist isn't letting success get to her head. 

Revelist recently sat down with Emily Warren to discuss her single "Hurt By You," her tour with The Chainsmokers, and what it's like to work with Dr. Luke.

Warren told us she still does her own hair and makeup (she credits YouTube for her #skills), and she prides herself on maintaining her "relatable" image — which is apparent in her lyrics.

"I always try and write about 'real' stuff,'" Warren said.

Emily Warren Revelist interview
photo: Instagram/@emilywarrennn

Although Warren tries not to get too personally attached when she writes songs for other artists, she isn't afraid to let her lyrics reveal her vulnerable side.

"It's stuff that's really happening," she insisted.  

Emily Warren
photo: Instagram/@emilywarennnn

Warren said Dr. Luke has given her the perfect outlet to express these feelings in her music. She was signed to Dr. Luke's label Prescription (Rx) Songs in 2013 and she has nothing but positive things to say about working with the producer.

"He's great," Warren said. "He's a really sweet dude. He has a house in Hawaii so he's flying me and a bunch of people that I'm doing an album with out there to work. So I'm so excited." 

And if her new batch of music is *anything* like the songs she's already released, then we can expect an album full of back-to-back hits. 

Check out the new music video for Warren's debut single, 'Hurt By You."