John Legend // Kelly Clarkson
photo: Splash News

One might think that it's questionable that Kelly Clarkson and John Legend would sing the creepy Christmas classic "Baby It's Cold Outside."

However, these two notable feminists are singing a totally updated and empowering version of the tune. Legend rewrote the lyrics and got his Voice costar to join him on the vocals. In his Vanity Fair December cover story, Legend revealed a sneak peek of the new words. 

Though October is early to start promoting a holiday album, Legend is embracing it and is so excited for it to be released. 

John Legend is already in the Christmas spirit. 

Legend's upcoming Christmas album is already available to preorder, a day before Halloween. The musician poked fun at his eagerness on Twitter. He wrote, "If you had a song with @kellyclarkson, you'd want to promote your Christmas album in October, too! Signed copies of the deluxe edition of #ALegendaryChristmas are available for preorder now!"

Clarkson and Legend have served as judges and vocal coaches on The Voice.

Clarkson shared this post on Instagram ahead of the 17th season. "‪I have loved hangin’ with John and Gwen this season  …  and I guess the cowboy as well :) Can’t wait for y’all to hear these incredible singers we have this season! #TheVoice," she captioned. Both Clarkson and Legend have released their own holiday albums previously, but this is the first time they've come together for a duet.

For Vanity Fair's December cover story, Legend gave a sneak peek at the lyrics. 

Legend shared a sneak peek of the song in his Vanity Fair story. The article also revealed that he'd be singing a jazzy version of "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway. 

"What will my friends think?" Clarkson begins. "I think they should rejoice," Legend sings back. Then she croons, "...if I have one more drink?" And Legend finishes it off, "It’s your body and your choice."

In 2014, Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé attempted to make the song more innocent.

The song has been covered multiple times by plenty of artists. Some ignore the controversial lyrics, and others tried to update. Michael Bublé joined Idina Menzel on her holiday album for a cover of the duet and changed a few of the lyrics to be kid-friendly. Then for the music video, they added dancing kids to drive home the change in the tune.

The original is totally creepy and was in desperate need of an update. 

The song from 1944 was an example of the sexist times, and its debut in Neptune's Daughter (1949) proves it. While the original tune hints at date rape and pressuring women into staying longer than they'd like, the new version is totally appropriate in the #metoo era. Legend's Christmas album is available for preorder now and drops on November 8.