Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are now involved in the ongoing legal battle between Kesha and music producer Dr. Luke.

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In October 2014, Kesha alleged that Dr. Luke — the founder of her label, Kemosabe — sexually assaulted her.

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Dr. Luke continually denied those claims and even fired back with his own defamation suit.

Then in August, Kesha dropped the sexual assault lawsuit against Dr. Luke in the state of California. But she is still moving forward with the charges in New York.

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New court documents have surfaced that reveal new evidence has been added to the case — namely, a mysterious text message sent from Kesha to Gaga in April 2016.

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Gaga has actively supported Kesha throughout her legal battles. In a radio interview, Gaga told Carson Daly that she felt like Kesha was being "publicly shamed" and she would continue to "stand by her side because I can't watch another woman that went through what I've been through suffer."

The judge informed Dr. Luke that he could share the message with Gaga — and, curiously, Katy Perry.

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But the contents of the text message are not to be shared publicly. According to E! News, the documents state, "Gottwald [i.e., Dr. Luke] may share with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry the April 2016 text that Kesha sent to Lady Gaga, which Kesha turned over in discovery." 

Gaga has publicly stood by Kesha's side amid the drama, but Perry's involvement comes as a surprise.

Katy Perry
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Dr. Luke produced several of Perry's hit songs — including "Roar," "California Gurls," and "I Kissed a Girl" — but Perry's role in Kesha's sexual assault case against Dr. Luke remains a mystery.

More information will be released as the case continues.

Both Kesha and Dr. Luke's legal teams argued their points at a conference on December 26; however, the battle is far from over. In addition to Kesha's sexual assault and battery claims against Dr. Luke and the producer's countersuit, Kesha also sought a preliminary injunction that would allow her to release music outside of Dr. Luke's authority. However, a judge denied the request in February, prompting the viral #FreeKesha hashtag.