Lizzo is a body-positive singer.

photo: Giphy

 Ashley Graham is a body-positive plus-size model. 

photo: Giphy

And together, they're a match made in body-pos heaven

Case in point:

The duo recently banded together and created a music video for Swimsuits For All — and needless to say, it's pure FIRE.

In the video, Graham and a handful of models dance around in Swimsuits For All's resort collection as Lizzo belts out her single, "Good As Hell."


Ashley Graham and Lizzo in Swimsuits For All campaign
photo: Swimsuits For All

What's hotter? That Bahamas sun, or Graham and Lizzo werking it in their swimsuits?

Graham and Lizzo looked absolutely flawless on their jet skis. 

Ashley Graham in Lizzo's Swimsuits For All video
photo: Swimsuits For All

But Lizzo confessed she's a total jet ski newbie. 

"My first time riding on a jet ski was with Ashley Graham!" the singer noted on Instagram.


Now excuse me as I watch this video 240,810,348,131 times in a row.

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