What do you get when two superstar body-positive queens come together to make new music? Well, it's obviously a hit that makes you feel so good that you have to put it on repeat for half the day. 

Speaking of queens and hits and getting your life, Lizzo and Missy Elliott did a THING, everyone! The new-age superstar and the iconic Hall of Famer joined forces to create the ultimate bop. Their song "Tempo" will be part of Lizzo's upcoming Cuz I Love You album. 

Lizzo has long been an advocate for body positivity simply by embracing her own shape every chance she gets. One brief scroll through her Instagram account reveals the musician has always been intentional about flaunting her curves in the face of beauty standards that erroneously render plus-size people unattractive and unworthy of representation. 

Meanwhile, Elliott has been around giving life since the 1990s. For years, she served as almost the only representation for plus-size women in mainstream hip-hop. Her contributions to the body-positive space are especially dear because she broke barriers in the music industry during a time when plus-size artists — especially women — were sometimes literally omitted from their own music videos unless they had a Coke bottle shape! Yeah, that happened.

Elliott wrote tons of smash hits, starred in her own unforgettably creative music videos, and refused to let the size-ist music industry tell her she wasn't due for success because of her size. 

Lizzo and Elliott coming together to make "Tempo" is the body-positivity party the world needs so much more of. Now grab those EarPods or earbuds or whatever you use to get your freak on to a twerk-able tune.