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Lizzo had the crowd — and fans at home — jumping during a high-energy performance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

The attention-grabbing artist sang and danced along to her hit song "Juice" in a performance inspired by the 1993 classic Sister Act 2 that did not disappoint. The 31-year-old rapper and singer is well known for her body positivity and empowering bops. 

Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, recently released her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, which includes songs such as "Truth Hurts," which was featured in the Netflix film Someone Great, and the party anthem "Juice," which she sang during her televised performance.  

Lizzo walked the red carpet in a ruched, skin-tight, lime green dress with chunky white embellished sneakers before her viral performance.

The rapper showed off her figure-hugging look on the red carpet, and asked fans on Twitter, "R U READY?!" Lizzo arrived ready to blow everyone away on the awards show stage. The artist sang one of her most popular songs, "Juice" — it has been streamed over 60 million times on Spotify. Before taking the stage, however, she had to show off her over-the-top ensemble, which she paired with a matching green eye and nude glossy lip.

Thanks to the green screen hue of her dress, the artist was able to have some fun with special effects. 

After her red carpet appearance, the singer joked in a post on Instagram, "Me, after drinking 8 glasses of water and eating kale." Lizzo used some special effects magic to make herself entirely disappear from the neck down, so she looked like a floating head, shoulders, and hands, with a pair of dad-sneakers below. 

"Green screen but make it fashion," YouTube comedian Tanya Hennessy commented on the rapper's post. 

Lizzo didn't skip a beat as she jumped and danced across the stage during the awards ceremony. She clearly had a blast, as was evident by the smile plastered across her face the whole time. 

The singer started off her song slow and melodic, dressed in church choir robes. Cameras cut to backstage where one of her dancers insisted the rest of them derobe, which caused the show to evolve into the vivacious performance. Lizzo wore jeans that laced up on the sides, with "LIZZO" emblazoned in diamond lettering across the butt, and paired it with a matching bustier top. Stars including Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, plus Brie Larson and Melissa McCarthy, were jamming along. 

Fans were quick to notice the inspiration drawn from Whoopi Goldberg's 1993 film Sister Act 2, due to the backstage comment and similar dance moves. 

Viewers who caught the Sister Act reference were absolutely obsessed. 

One fan shared a gif of Lauryn Hill as Rita from the movie. "'@lizzo says take off your robes' DYING AT THIS SISTER ACT 2 REFERENCE IN THE LIZZO PERFORMANCE ON THE #MTVAwards," he wrote. 

The backstage dancer told the rest of Lizzo's team to wear their street clothes on stage in a move straight from the movie. The rest of the performance had moments inspired by the climactic song and dance number, in which Lauryn Hill's character sings at a choir competition. 

Here's the Sister Act scene that Lizzo re-created. 

Just like Lizzo's performance, this scene starts off slow with Hill's powerhouse vocals. "The teacher says take off your robes," someone says backstage, which Lizzo's dancer quoted almost exactly. 

When the rest of the high schoolers join Hill onstage in a more upbeat performance, the dance moves clearly sparked inspiration for the rapper's awards show number. Lizzo even reprised some of the '90s fashion that is apparent in the movie. 

One fan pointed out that the homage was clearly drawn from a movie within black culture, bringing it to the spotlight. 

Cartoonist Christina "Steenz" Stewart's post was retweeted by the rapper; she wrote, "Sister Act 2 is black history. It is Black Culture. It is my blood and I'm....... @lizzo why do you do this for us. What did we do to deserve you." 

The 1993 classic starring Whoopi Goldberg, Lauryn Hill, and Kathy Najimy is a sequel to the original that featured Goldberg as Deloris, a showgirl posing as a nun in a witness protection program. In the sequel, she returns to teach high school students at a Catholic school about music. 

You wouldn't know it based off her stellar performance, but this was Lizzo's first appearance in a televised awards show.

The rapper posted to her Instagram a clip, "I PAID HOMAGE TO MY FAVORITE MOVIE AT THE @mtvmovieaward !!! SISTER ACT 2 !!! ... THIS WAS MY 1ST TELEVISED AWARDS SHOW WHAT YALL THINK?!" 

Lizzo is no stranger to live performances, but this was her first on a major awards show. Previously, she has dominated at festivals like Coachella, SXSW, and various Pride Month shows throughout the country. 

If you've been living under a rock and didn't know who Lizzo was, you certainly do now. 

In a cheeky reply to someone on Twitter who hadn't heard of the all-star artist, Lizzo wrote, "Now u know!" 

Fans clapped back at the original poster's tweet, "No disrespect but am I the only one who doesn’t know who @lizzo is #MTVMovieAwards," and asked in shock if the Twitter user had any sense at all. 

"Nah, it's ok, you're not alone. My 75 year old mom didn't know who she was either," one person snidely replied. Lizzo put on a terrific performance that is sure to boost her audience even more, and the world will be better for it.