Meryl Streep scream scene in "Big Little Lies"
photo: HBO

Meryl Streep was, obviously, a standout cast member in the latest and possibly last season of Big Little Lies. 

One impeccable scene showed Streep's character, Mary Louise, screaming in agony over the overwhelming grief she felt after losing her son Perry (Alexander Skarsgård). The shocking moment was found by fans to be frightening, absurd, and also just downright hilarious. Plenty of memes were inspired by the outburst, and now an entire song has been produced. 

King Princess, or Mikaela Straus, is a New York musician and creator of hits like "1950" and "Talia." The 19-year-old artist has been a staple at most music festivals this year and is fully immersed in meme culture. So naturally she created a song about Meryl Streep's iconic scream. 

Who could forget the scream that caused so many memes? 

Meryl Streep's character, Mary Louise, is explaining to her grandsons and daughter-in-law Celeste (Nicole Kidman) how overwhelming her grief has become and that the only way to help let it out is with a loud shriek. The moment was absolutely shocking to viewers and had many hypothesizing Emmy nominations for the award-winning actor. It was so absurd that it sparked a meme on social media.

Streep's costars also had reactions to the moment, and Shailene Woodley, who plays Jane, partook in her own shriek with Jimmy Fallon on his late-night show. 

In a segment on Fallon's late-night show, Woodley reveals that Streep's scream is therapeutic and that they should attempt the exercise. "It actually helps get stress out, like, watch," and Woodley lets out a Streep-worthy yell. Fallon follows suit, and a member of his live band, The Roots, joins in too. 

Fans have already taken plenty of creative liberties with the scream through memes. 

One meme creator on Twitter swapped out the scream for a song. The tweet reads, "The Meryl Streep Big Little Lies scream but it's Run Away With Me." Fans truly got so creative with their responses to the clip and had a lot of fun with making their own memes. 

But none of these bizarre memes are as truly absurd as an entire song created from the clip. 

Even Meryl Streep as a screaming cowboy couldn't compare with an entire one-minute, 33-second remix of the moment. Someone went all out with their meme creation, though, "anyway here’s Meryl as the screaming cowboy #BigLittleLies," they wrote. The 30-second video shows Streep midscream with a 10-gallon hat in various outdoor locations — it's one of the weirdest memes by far. 

The hilarious remix has inspired some equally hilarious videos from the artist. 

The artist shared to her social media that she had created a song based on the show that meant a lot to her, "this is a track very close to my heart and [redacted.] Thank you to skylar and  logan for additional prod and good vibes in the studio all around. Special thanks to henry for the gik and the gak. Thank you to @ the real Meryl Streep for the feature." 

And she shared a video of one of her friends reenacting the moment. 

King Princess plans to perform the remix at her Lollapalooza set with Meryl Streep in tow, supposedly. 

Straus danced along to her new bop in an Instagram video and dropped some major news in the caption: "I don’t mean to startle you with this news, but Meryl will be coming out at lollapalooza with me. during my set," she wrote. While this is extremely unlikely, it is great to imagine Streep stepping out on the festival stage to give her best Mary Louise shriek. 

Listen to the entire song on Soundcloud and get ready to jam. 

The entire scene is featured in the song, so hopefully King Princess obtained all of the proper rights, because I would hate for this jam to be taken away so soon. Streep also has some killer pipes, as she's proven in movies like Mamma Mia, so it only makes sense that a scream from the actor would translate well in a pop song. Step aide "Señorita," because "Mary-Luiz (Plz Plz) feat. Meryl Streep" has taken over as song of the summer.