There's no denying that Missy Elliott is one of the best female icons in hip-hop.

Besides her catchy songs and hypnotic music videos, seeing a curvy, dark-skinned woman run a male-dominated industry has been inspirational and uplifting for women everywhere. Being a Missy fan has always been something to be proud of, but we especially love how her songs always have empowering messages about independence, body-positivity, and loving yourself.

So if you're self-esteem hasn't been at its highest lately, here are some of Missy's most popular tunes that'll have you feeling yourself in no time:


"WTF (Where They From)" Ft. Pharrell Williams

"Man, I'm so futuristic
Big lips and big, big, big hips
Body be thick like a bisque
I'm different, rippin' shit

I'm so far ahead of ya'll
Man I'm on top of the stars
I don't care who none of you are."

Don't let society's perception of beauty make you feel insecure about your own appearance. Like Missy said, one day the world will value the features you once hated about yourself... and that's definitely a future we'd like to be a part of.


"Work It"

"Girls, girls, get that cash
If it's 9 to 5 or shakin' your ass
Ain't no shame, ladies do your thang
Just make sure you ahead of the game."

Missy is never one to shame a woman for doing a job that pays well. Regardless if you're retailing at a Old Navy or working in a corporate office, just be proud that you're making that cash all on your own.



"Boom, boom, shing, I shine like bling, bling
Call me a queen, mean chicks stay in ya lane
My flow so mean, if you know what I mean
So fresh and clean, you can call me Irish Spring."

Comparing yourself to diamonds and calling yourself a queen are great ways to remind yourself that you're worth so much more than you might think. 

"Hit Em Wit Da Hee"

"Just cause you cash a check and put in in da bank (uh huh)
That don't make me want to go out and sleep wit' you (nah nah)
I got my own ride and gas in da tank (uh huh)
Thanks, but no thanks, I won't be needin' you."

Once again Missy reminds us that A.) A man spending money on a woman doesn't mean he owns her and B.) No woman needs a man to survive.

"All N My Grill"

"Cuz I know I'm in control
See Trix are for kids, and boo I'm too old
Go 'head, with your games
Don't ever come back to me again
Where you go, remember me
I'm the best thing in history."

This song is the pep talk you need when dealing with a guy who keeps playing games with you. Instead of feeling bad about yourself, let him know that he's the one missing out on a good thing.


"On and On"


"I be the best don't second guess
When it comes to other rappers 'bout it boy get flexed
When I say I'm tight as wife beaters
Missy 'bout to teach you how to follow the leader."

Number one lesson from Missy Elliott: Always believe you are the best and soon you'll start to feel like it.

"My Struggles" Ft. Grand Puba and Mary J. Blige

"Y'all don't really know my struggles
(I had two or three jobs I had to juggle)
And all them liquor shots from the pain I covered
(Strugglin from the break-ups with my lover)
(Y'all don't know the half) Don't know the half
(I'm better off now that was in the past)
I had to take the good stuff with the bad
Now I'm (thankful for the little things that I have)"

Everyone is struggling with something in life, but that doesn't mean you need to feel bad about your circumstances. Like this song says, "take the good stuff with the bad," and when it's all said and done, you'll be "thankful for the little things" that you have.


"Lose Control" Ft. Ciara and Fatman Scoop

"I've got a cute face
Chubby waist
Thick legs n shape
Rump shaking both ways
Make you do a double take."

Society may tell us that skinny legs, flat stomachs, and small waists are the only ways to look beautiful, but these lyrics prove that thick girls are beautiful too.


"I'm Not Perfect" Ft. The Clark Sisters

"And your self esteem might be low from what people say (keep holding on)
Hold your head up high
I promise it's gonna be OK (ay oh hey)

But it's ok pick yourself up
Start over again (that's what you gotta do)
If you try you will
You will succeed in the end
(The end I know you will oh yeah)"

Nobody's perfect, so it doesn't make sense to dwell on your mistakes or imperfections. Sometimes the best thing to do is ignore the haters and keep pushing through.


"Hidden Ground" Ft Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Dorinda Clark, Karen Clark-Sheard & Mary Mary

"Obstacles and situations, people places and things
I must overcome, cause there's a battle to be won
With my mind set on higher things
These things have become my footstool
I'm determined to reach my goal
I need peace for my soul."

Life may be getting you down, but don't let it put a damper on the goals that you've set for yourself. If you keep persevering, you'll eventually accomplish your dreams.

"I'm Really Hot"

"For them haters fuck whatever you say
Because you know I'm too cool for you anyway
I'm just a bad bitch

Calling yourself a "bad bitch" is always a guaranteed way to boost your self -esteem.