photo: Netflix

Netflix just dropped the trailer for "Dumplin'" a film about a plus-sized teenage girl determined to challenge her small town's archaic view of beauty by entering a pageant hosted by her mom. 

The movie is a different take, and a refreshing one at that, on what it means to be a fat girl in a world where most people are fatphobic. 

After Netflix sent mixed messages about what it means to be a fat girl in "Sierra Burgess is a Loser" and "Insatiable" (by mixed we mean the stories suggested it's "not OK to be a fat girl"), it looks like it has corrected course with "Dumplin'." Thank the lord Beyoncé. 

"Dumplin'" stars Danielle Macdonald as Willowdean Dickson, a plus-size teen whose mother, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, is a former beauty queen. Willowdean loves who she is, but she's fed up with outdated beauty standards. She enters her mom's pageant, and in the process inspires others who don't "fit the norm" to enter too.

The difference between "Dumplin'" and Netflix's other efforts about plus-size girls is that Willowdean is happy with who she is, and so is her love interest. In the trailer he tells her: "Willowdean Dickson, I think you're beautiful. To hell with anyone else who has ever made you feel less than that." 

photo: Netflix/Dumplin'

The movie, based on the novel of the same name, is about changing peoples' archaic views of beauty, rather than most other premises that posit women ought to change themselves to fit other peoples' views of beauty. 

Oh yeah, and the soundtrack will feature original music from Dolly Parton. 

"Dumplin'" premieres December 7 on Netflix and in select theaters. Until then, I highly recommend you watch another Netflix original starring Macdonald. 

"Easy" is an anthology series about sex and relationships, so every episode is a stand-alone. Skip over to season 2, episode 6 for "The Prodigal Daughter." 

In the episode, Macdonald's weight isn't even a plot point. The narrative centers around her portrayal of a snarky teenage girl who, when her wealthy parents punish her by forcing her to go to church every week, donates a large sum of their money to the parish as revenge. It's amazing and tearjerking. 

Needless to say, many people feel seen by "Dumplin'" just by watching the trailer.