photo: YouTube


This Thursday (June 30), Rihanna's new video for her "Star Trek" single "Sledgehammer" dropped, and it is the most gorgeous outer world space witch spectacle I've ever seen. How does she do it?!

"Sledgehammer" is the theme song for the new "Star Trek Beyond" film, which will hit theaters on July 22.

Let us waste no more time and jump right into GIFs of this flawless video:

The camera descends upon the queen of the outer lands.

Then, a close-up on Queen Space Witch's "Star Trek" inspired face make-up.

Watch the space witch elegantly summon spirits.

The Wicked Witch of the West had winged monkeys, but Rihanna has a fleet of spaceships.

Evil forces seem to be trapping Queen Space Witch from being completely free.

She's trying to stunt, but something is holding her back.

Finally, Queen Space Witch RiRi emits a ball of witchy energy from her aura.

And then this happens.

Looks like Space WItch RiRi is at war with some evil powers. Will she prevail?!

YES, obviously.

Watch the stunning music video in full here.