BABYMETAL, whom you might know better as the trio of adorable Japanese teenagers who front a pretty bad-ass metal band, is having a real banger of a year. 

First they released a brand new album in April called "Metal Resistance," and soon after they marked their American television debut with a live performance on "Late Night With Stephen Colbert."

Now, mere weeks later, they're hanging out with the legendary Rob Zombie, a longtime horror movie director ("House of 1000 Corpses," "The Devil's Rejects") and heavy metal musician who's performed with everyone from Iggy Pop to Ozzy Osbourne. And yeah, he's totally a fan. 

However, some of Zombie's 5 million Facebook followers apparently don't understand the appeal of BABYMETAL. (I can only imagine that this is because they have no joy in their hearts, but to each their own, I suppose.) And of course, rather than just agree to disagree with their idol, they decided to judge him for daring to hang out with the group.

Here's the best part, though: Zombie wasn't having it, and told a few of the the haters off himself.

Like this guy.

photo: Facebook

And this guy.

photo: Facebook

And especially this guy.

photo: Facebook

All those haters ended up deleting their comments, but even without them the flame war still rages on.

photo: Facebook

As of publication, the Facebook post has over 2,790 comments on it, both in support of and against BABYMETAL.

In case you were wondering, BABYMETAL ain't even mad.

They're gonna keep on keepin' on the U.S. leg of their world tour. Tuesday night (May 10) they're playing in Maryland, and from there they'll head to Detroit, Chicago, and beyond. 

After all, why would you be mad when you sound this awesome?

It's easy to see why Rob Zombie would totally be a fan of these kids. They might have a gimmick (although come on, so do half the metal bands in existence), but they — and their amazingly talented back-up band — put on one heck of a show.