The Veronicas' newest music video just gave LGBTQ fans the representation they've been craving. On Thursday (November 18), the band — made up of Australian twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso — debuted a clip from their latest video, "On Your Side," which features "Orange Is the New Black" star Ruby Rose

Rose not only stars in (and directs) the video, though — she also gets to share some pretty intimate scenes with her IRL girlfriend Jessica, in a video that chronicles the ups and downs of being in a relationship with an addict. 

“Lisa and I have always been drawn to unconventional and honest story telling through our music,” Jessica explained.

“Ruby brought this to the forefront in our video for ‘On Your Side,'" she continued to EW. "The video shares a story between Ruby’s character and mine.

It’s a true to life look at the passion and protection of two people falling in love and, ultimately, a love that cannot be broken.”

While the video's emotional message has touched a lot fans, it's the relationship between Rose and Jessica that truly has fans talking.

Fans were surprised to find out that the on-screen couple were dating IRL.

... And they couldn't contain how excited they were by the news.

Especially when they watched the video and saw steamy scenes like this:

Let's just say, a lot of people thought Jess was one lucky girl.

The couple has become an inspiration for other LGBTQ people.

It's official — everyone has completely fallen in love with the adorable couple.

Even Lisa seems to be obsessed with them!


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Yeah, we're not getting over this anytime soon.

#Onyourside @jessicaveronica ❤️ .... stay tuned ...

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