Selena Quintanilla Fans Pay Tribute On The 25th Anniversary Of Her Death
photo: Getty Images

Twenty-five years ago today, Selena Quintanilla was tragically murdered by her then-assistant Yolanda Saldívar. She was only 23 years old. Known simply by her first name, Selena, her fans have remained as dedicated as ever to preserving her memory and music. And on social media, they're paying tribute to the singer's anniversary of her death in the most heartwarming ways. Grab a tissue, because we're dreaming tonight.


Fans used the hashtag #Selena25 on Twitter.

#Selena25 began trending on Twitter, as fans used the hashtag to share videos, images, and memories of the late Tejano singer. Above, a fan posted a video of Selena's legendary performance at the Houston Astrodome — her last live concert before her death.


There was also a message from Selena's estate.

Selena's family still maintains her estate. On Selena's posthumous official Instagram page, her family wrote "To a beautiful person who lives on...⁣!⁣" AHHHHH, I'm crying, and I know you are too.


We feel you, Chris!

Chris Sapphire, the winning castmember on Netflix's The Circle, wrote a beautiful tribute to Selena on Twitter. "She was and always will be the ultimate artist, icon and inspiration for many of us," wrote Sapphire, who is also from Selena's native Texas. "I adore her with all my being. Selena, today and forever we'll be dreaming of you. Rest in power, Queen." More tears!


So many wonderful tributes.

LatinxNow! posted a couple videos of Kacey Musgraves and Camilla Cabello singing Selena's fan-favorite songs. Cabello sings "Dreaming of You," and you can hear the crowd dissolving into sobs and cheers. "I love you, Selena," says Cabello after she finishes the song.


Someone else shared a photo of their Selena collection.

OK, real talk, I want to raid this fan's Selena collection. They have Selena's Dreaming Of You on vinyl. A giant poster hanging in their room. They even have a copy of Selena's iconic Texas Monthly issue, featuring her studded bustier. LOVE.


Clutching my heart!

Another fan shared — are you ready for this? — images of Selena as Disney princesses. I can't!!! Selena dressed up as Princess Jasmine, Mulan, Cinderella, and Pocahontas is giving me so many feelings, I need to go make Alexa play "Como La Flor" and dance my heart out.

Rest in peace, Selena. May your memory and songs give your fans comfort, now and always.