Taylor Swift is sticking it to the man in her new music video by literally becoming him. 

The musician completely transformed into her alter-ego Tyler Swift, an alpha male who embodies all of the hypocritical male stereotypes. The music video was directed and created by Swift, who is reclaiming her boss attitude.

Fans are obsessed with her calling out toxic male privilege in the most T-Swift way possible. Plus, she's dropped tons of Easter eggs about more of her music, naturally. 

Taylor Swift transformed into her alter-ego Tyler Swift, an alpha male.

Swift's alter-ego in the music video looks so different from her. After noticing some dance moves and facial expressions, it was clear that she was actually "The Man" in the video. The video calls out the toxic male privilege Swift has been so outspoken about in the past few months. The entire song revolves around the idea that she wouldn't have to deal with petty, hypocritical stereotypes if she were a man. 

Swift showed the entire transformation at the end of the video. 

The artist showed off her transformation, and it was truly astonishing. In the credits, Swift took all of the credit for the music video creation, as she rightly should. Then she showed off her prosthetics and how she transformed into her male alter-ego. 

Swift, who loves Easter eggs in her videos, made sure to include tons of references to her music. 

In one scene in the music video, Tyler Swift pees against a wall with the artist's album names written in graffiti. Other sleuthing fans will notice a sign that says "If found return to Taylor Swift," which is a direct reference to her albums being held hostage by Big Machine Records. Then there's a "No Scooters" sign, which is a reference to Scooter Braun. 

Some fans are remembering a few other drag moments, like Lady Gaga's male persona. 

At the 2011 VMAs, Lady Gaga showed up as her Italian mafia man Jo Calderone and stayed in character for the entire event. Gaga played the male part in her "You and I" music video. Similarly, Selena Gomez has also played the male part in her music video for "Bad Liar."

That wink had some fans thirsting for the male version of Swift. 

Taylor Swift revealed herself to be the male character in the video at the beginning with a notoriously Swift-style wink. Plus, her dance moves and a few facial expressions made it clear that it was her. Some people thought her character looked a lot like Scott Disick or Jake Gyllenhaal. 

The walk of fame was just one example of how men are praised for something women are shamed for. 

After Swift's alter-ego gets up from a bed with a sleeping woman he leaves and enters a hallway with outstretched hands. While most women experience the "walk of shame" after leaving a one-night stand, the men receive praise and high-fives. 

No detail was left unnoticed, and her legs even had prosthetics. 

In one scene in which her legs were shown, some might think she had a body double. Swift's legs were covered entirely in hair and looked masculine. The transformation was so complete, she had even put on leg hair prosthetics.