Taylor Swift is no stranger to hinting at her future projects, and it looks like now is no different. The singer has been sporting a pretty mermaid look throughout 2018, and fans are thinking it's the theme for her next release. Swift has always teased fans with clues and motifs — if mermaid Swift is really happening, we can only begin to wonder what it means for her upcoming album. 

Perez Hilton let the world know that Taylor Swift has plans to release a new album before her 30th birthday in December. 

He even said she told him her next album "will definitely be out before I'm 30."

Now fans are thinking that the album's theme will be mermaids!

Or how the shirt she wears at the very end of her Reputation Netflix special features a couple of mermaids. 

Taylor Swift in Reputation Netflix Special
photo: Netflix

And she wore a jacket with a mermaid on the front in her Reputation magazine shoot. 

Plenty of fans support this theory. 

Some of the support for the theory we didn't quite expect.

Swift has stayed true to themes before. Snakes have been a prominent theme in her work and clothes since Kim Kardashian called her one

photo: Netflix
photo: Netflix

Let us know what you think? How do you feel about this new theory?