photo: Beyonce/TIDAL

When Beyoncé released "Formation" a day ahead of her Super Bowl performance earlier this month, millions of people were instantly enamored with her love letter to black pride. 

... Which is fantastic, but when the subtext of the music video is all about being proud of black identity in the midst of racism and police violence — and the text itself jubilantly celebrates "negro noses" and afros — it should be common sense that this isn't really a song meant for covers by white people. (As the white folks over at "Saturday Night Live" said, "maybe this song isn't for us!")

However, multiple white people still decided to stray far from their lane, producing "Formation" covers that are as musically uninspired as they are deeply uncomfortable to watch. Check out some of the worst offenders below ... but just be warned, these are all rated "I" for complete and utter ignorance.


This guy, who tried to do the whole Ryan Adams thing.

Look, dude. You have a lovely voice and seemingly some talent on the guitar, but if you don't feel comfortable singing the words that make "Formation" the black pride anthem that it is — he skips right over negro and creole — maybe you should take a second to think about whether you should be covering the song in the first place. 


This guy, who only wanted to show off his rock-hard ass.

I don't even know what to say about this. It's not even really a cover, it's just a very buff man lip-syncing to Beyoncé while he pulls down his pants and shows off just enough butt to entice viewers.


This guy, who tried and failed to get funky with it.

Why divert from perfection? 


These guys, who wear their lack of talent like a badge of honor.

"I don't think this is what Beyoncé wanted," Guy Number Two says at the end of this video, which should not be viewed unless your interests include things that are purposefully terrible. 


And finally, this guy, who pronounces it "ney-grow."

He wins. At losing.