Beyoncé had a tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant
photo: Splash News

Beyoncé took special care to honor Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi at their memorial service. 

The musician sang a gorgeous tribute of Bryant's favorite songs "XO" and "Halo," which sounded beautiful. The music wasn't the only way Beyoncé chose to memorialize them. She also used her impeccable style to honor the late basketball legend and his 13-year-old daughter. 

Not only was she wearing a bright yellow suit with purple embellishments, the Lakers colors, but she also had a manicure that featured Kobe and Gigi's names. The sweet touch surely meant a lot to Bryant's wife, Vanessa Bryant, who took the stage for a heartfelt and heartbreaking eulogy. 

Beyoncé sang a gorgeous tribute of two of Bryant's favorite songs. 

The singer looked emotional as she took the stage to honor her friend and the Lakers' legend, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. The musician updated a few of the lyrics of her song to be a little more appropriate for the occasion. In "XO" Beyoncé changed the lyrics from "And I'm crashing into you" to "And I'm laughing into you" and "You kill me boy XO" for "Just kiss me boy XO." 

Some fans noticed her style, though, that honored the Bryant family just as much as her songs did. 

The manicure was such a sweet touch. 

Beyoncé's left hand featured Gianna's nickname "G-I-G-I" one each fingernail. Meanwhile, her right hand had Kobe's name. The bedazzled lettering was on a purple background to stand against the yellow of her jersey. 

It touched the hearts of fans, and hopefully meant a lot to the Bryant family. 

"Beyoncé had her nails painted with 'Gigi' and 'Kobe' on both hands," one fan tweeted along with a photo of the superstar. The rest of the artist's look honored the Lakers legend, too. Beyoncé sported a yellow jacket, wore purple jewelry, and had a bright purple eye shadow look. 

Miho Nails, her nail artist, shared a few photos from the occasion. 

Miho Okawara crafted the designs on the singer's nails for the Celebration of Life event. The nail artist shared a few photos, and clearly understood the significance of such a simple gesture. Okawara also painted Ciara's nails for the event. 

It was obviously an emotional day, and Beyoncé's face says it all. 

During her tribute, Beyoncé looked heartbroken. At the end of her songs, the artist looked up and whispered "I love you." It was a beautiful service memorializing two incredible souls. 

Beyoncé was supportive of Vanessa Bryant, and consoled her after she finished her eulogy. 

Beyoncé, a mother of three, consoled Vanessa Bryant after she finished her heartbreaking eulogy. The singer opened the service and honored the two with a slower and more heartfelt version of two popular songs. Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera also performed at the event. 

It wasn't just the manicure part of Beyoncé's look that honored the Bryant family. 

InStyle pointed out that nearly all of Beyoncé's look was meant to honor Kobe Bryant. The singer wore a pin on her blazer with "KB" emblazoned on the front, her jewels were all shades of purple or yellow. Not to mention her Lakers jersey and yellow suit. Plus, she had the bright purple eye shadow look and nails that were an homage to the late basketball legend and his daughter.