Oh, the internet. It can be the best, worst, and weirdest of places. Just when you think you've seen every wacky beauty trend that people can think up, another one pops up and tops them all. 

Now that the outlandish eyebrow trends have simmered down (knock on wood), the nail art is just out of control. We're all for a good time and an even better joke. Still, some of these creations are completely mind-boggling. As in, we're not sure if taste or the alcohol levels are to blame. Sometimes we're positive that it's both. 

The latest nail art to have beauty fans scratching their heads is, um, boob implant surgery. 

Apparently, run-of-the-mill (if you can call it that) boob nail art no longer has enough shock value for Instagram. 

Yes, people. The process begins with a creation of the original boob, the cutting of the original boob, and then the insertion of the "silicone."  

Tip for following the video without getting a headache: Suspend all logic. There is no sound reason for creating fake nail boobs that transform into a faker version of fake boobs. And Nail Sunny has way more weird nail art videos where this came from!

Believe it or not, these boob job nails aren't even the most graphic body parts created by Nail Sunny. Anybody need a heart?

Behold your boyfriend's body cut open to expose his literal heart that only pumps for you if he knows what's good for him. You never have to worry about him giving it to another. 

You do have to worry about horrifying every single person you run into with this "I'll possibly kill you" PSA on your hands. Wear this away from home at your own risk. 

Luckily, Nail Sunny's manicures aren't all this disturbing. I kind of dig these 3D heart nails. 

Although these aren't for regular wear, I can so see the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland wearing these. The heart nails also certainly have a place on an avant-garde runway. If nothing else happens with them, give the style to Lady Gaga. Mother Monster can wear anything, and this weirdo manicure is definitely her style. 

On another note, have you ever wondered what it might be like to have an oyster on your fingers? 

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Better yet, have you ever wanted to crack open an oyster on your fingers? You probably haven't, but Nail Sunny didn't create this design for our heart rates to remain steady. These oyster nails are for Instagram fun, shock value, and maybe even to show people that you can do literally anything with nails if you care to spend the time. 

And just in case you needed to see a manicure featuring a face with real weave coming out of it before you die, Nail Sunny is here to save the day. 

This manicure includes a painted face, weave, and ponytail holders. The weave also underwent a dye job, a blow-dry session, and hair curling. I'm tired just thinking about it. Basically, your hands are going to become handy dolls. Because getting your own hair done can be its own monster, I don't see anyone wanting this for anything other than going viral on Instagram.

BTW, these spray bottle perfume nails actually look like they hurt. 

The upside is that if you get the right fragrances, at least you won't ... stink? What's more interesting is how Nail Sunny was able to execute this to stay on every finger. This design takes serious dedication. You could also just carry your perfumes in your bag, but what fun would that be? 

Of all the infamous Nail Sunny designs, I vote that this manicure has the least purpose. 

I do not get this design. I am not trying to. In fact, I watched this video once and I'm good. I kind of appreciate the dedication to creating the most NOTHING nails of all time, but why do that when there are so many shows in my queue on Netflix? 

While the point of the others was to be shocking and fun, these nails can really stump your brain if you even try to think about them too hard. I suggest that you don't. 

Now that I've taken your brain with me down the weirdest nail art rabbit hole of all time, I think this is the appropriate time to say that Nail Sunny is actually really decent with normal nails. Gasp. 

See! Pretty, right? These are normal nails for regular earth survival. They feature pink, white, and a pop of glitter. These are nails that actually make me not want to call the police on Al Gore for creating the internet. 

And even though we know Nail Sunny can get crazy with hearts, the manicurist also knows when to tone it down.

As satisfying as the internet thinks weird nails are to watch, I actually feel calm sliding over me whenever I look at nails in simple neutral colors. Just me? After boob implant surgery nails and an exposed pumping organ, this is the level of chill that we deserve. 

Class, that concludes our nail obsession for the day! So, what have we learned today?!

Crazy nail art exists because the internet is a wilderness where really creative and really bored people roam freely. You can give the posts a "like" or move your entire life along. It doesn't really  warrant name-calling or cursing out the nail artists in the comments, which actually happens a lot and is even stranger than the boob implant fingers. Just like it or don't like it. 

Either way, boob nail art is clearly here to stay and it's only getting weirder!