Rapper Cardi B is known for making gorgeous, glittery fashion statements, and we're always fawning over her over-the-top looks and personality.

But there's a part of her style that we don't marvel at nearly enough: her always exceptionally manicured nails. 

Cardi B's Bronx roots stretch all the way to her fingers. She doesn't do your regular-degular stiletto point and accent nail look; she goes ALL OUT.

She's all about sparkles, aka our type of girl.

"My nails might blind y'all ...Rainbow," she wrote about this blinged out design on Instagram.

These clear nails look absolutely epic.

Naturally, this is Cardi's version of a "simple" manicure.

But she always ends up going back to her more over-the-top designs.

Pearls, gold beads, and "fire" red here to drop your jaw.

Witness the nail version of Dorothy's red ruby slippers, by way of Belcalis "Cardi B" Almanzar.

Cardi even does nails that glow in the dark.

She wore these white beauties for her 24th birthday.

But of course, Cardi B's nails keep a party going on the regular.

Cardi still gets her manicures done at the Nails On 7th spa in the Bronx. Her nails are free-styled every time by an artist named Jenny Bui — the same nail tech she frequented before she was a star rapping "Bodak Yellow" in $10,000 Saint Laurent boots

And just like her career moves, they're a glittery win every time.