People are super into cat eyes — on Pinterest and they aren't all done with eyeliner on eye lids

Cat eyes have made their debut in nail art, and there are so many different ways to execute the cute trend. Check out 24 different ways to slay cat eye nail art.

Cat-eye nails come in a huge amount of colors and have a shiny strip down across the middle reminiscent of the piercing, beautiful eyes of a cat.

Ease yourself into the style with the cat-eye stripe as an accent nail. 

It's like a contour and highlight job on your fingers!

Many cat-eye nails have a mix of dark and bright colors. 

Cat-eye nails are for goth queens too!

You can create the look with nail polish *or* with a gold strip. 

They truly serve up a pretty, dark unicorn vibe.

These berry-colored cat-eye nails totally slay.

The cat-eye part design looks like you have spotlights shining down on each nails. 

Basically, this design is how you turn every single nail in your manicure into a superstar. 

They add a little bit more brightness to manicures already shining with glitter. 

Artistic cat eye meets A REAL CAT EYE here. Is your soul prepared?

This cat-eye nail art is pure dark magic. 

You can also create the cat-eye design with a cool print. 

The style ideas are pretty much endless. 

This golden set is so radiant.

The cat-eye nail look can be incredibly subtle with neutral colors. 

Sometimes the style gets a tad swirly like a gorgeous neon sign.

Double up on the cat love with the cat eye stripe and stiletto-shaped claws.

This cat-eye design with a cat portrait accent nail is TOO ADORABLE. 

These bright red  and pink claws look killer.

These cat eye nails are perfect for people obsessed with everything holographic.

These nails look like gorgeous galaxy shots. 

These coffin cut designs have an almost ombre effect.