These are chrome nails: the coolest new manicure trend for mirror-obsessed evil queens.

That's right: your fingers can now shine like actual liquid silver.

But unlike Gigi's traffic-stopping Met Gala manicure, the secret to mirror nails ISN'T an absolute buttload of money.

gigi hadid met gala nails
photo: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

You may recall that this short, shiny manicure cost an absolutely insane $2,000.

It's a powder. Yep, seriously.

Press play to watch these black nails get chromed out, and prepare to scream.

This crazy mirror powder is "rubbed" onto cured gel polish and sealed with a topcoat to create nails you can literally check your reflection in.

Though silver seems to be the most popular color, that's really just the beginning: I'm pretty obsessed with these reflective nude talons...

These super-shiny Barbie pink chrome claws...

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These rosy coral beauties...

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And oh god, these 24K foil nails are doing something delightfully perverse to my soul.

Chrome nails come in seriously every color of the damn rainbow.

I LOVE royal blue nails more than anything — I have around 200 bottles of blue polish alone — and oh man, I feel like I really need this manicure.

And while mirror manicures are usually done on acrylics, natural nails are by no means excluded from this "Terminator 2" lewk.

As someone obsessed with everything shiny, these mirrorlike nails speak to me on a visceral level.

I also can't get enough of watching nail artists apply the powder.

Soothing! And shiny! And soothing! And shiny!

Call your manicurist immediately and ask if they can do chrome nails; when they say yes, immediately watch as your ~summertime spells~ become 80% more effective.

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IMPORTANT CAVEAT: this powder is definitely meant to be used by professionals. Don't buy it online and go to town unless you've had training, OK?

Now get out there and SLAY with your flawless mirror nails, my carefree summer witches!