Cows for cow print manicure trend
photo: iStock

Animal-print nails are nothing new, but the latest trend in animal-print manicures is so funky and interesting: cow-print nails. 

There is a wide variety of details and colors to try out with this style that stands out. Milk nails have also become super trendy, so it's fitting that the beginning of 2020 would also feature cows. The cowboy look gives off a chic vibe that celebs like Kendall Jenner have tried out. 

These peach-toned cow nails remind me of strawberry milk. 

These are meant to give off a paint-splattered appearance. Plus, instead of the typical black-and-white shades of the cow spots, this one was given a modern vibe with peach and black. I'm totally getting strawberry milk vibes here. 

Classy cow-print nails need gold flecks to give that elegant edge. 

The cow print here is painted in negative space, and the gold flecks give it a little bit more of a chic style. Jen Seales, a nail artist on Instagram, crafted these two cow looks that have been replicated so many times. The golden flecks aren't painted on, they are actual flakes of gold. 

These brown and black spots are reminiscent of dark and milk chocolate. 

This matte manicure features black and brown spots on a white background. Some cows do have varying shades of brown and black spots, so this is actually a realistic interpretation. "Dark and milk Chocolate," the artist wrote in their caption. 

This style is more of a classic cow print on a matte background. 

These nails are straight-up cowhide, and I'm totally getting cowboy vibes. The cowhide nail art is stylish and one of many animal-print versions to spice up a manicure. 

Some artists just painted the tips of their nails in the cow print. 

This trendy version of a classic French manicure features the style. Just the very tips of these fingernails have the spots painted on them. Any animal lovers could get the look while staying chic. 

The extra white detail adds another element to this manicure. 

These cow nails feature a few extra speckles of white paint next to the cowhide design. "Oh this is a cool twist," one person commented. 

Why not include an actual cow face to the nail art?

This artist included an adorable cow cartoon painting along with a few accent glitter nails and black ones. The cowhide is actually only on the middle finger, while the designs on the other nails stand out even more. 

I love the accent colors included with this cowhide print. 

The blue and pink lines look so fresh with the cow print. It breaks up the jarring look of the style and makes it just a little bit cuter. Other people styled their nails with neon accent colors like yellow and green.