Disney fans have endless ways of showing how much they live for Mickey. Although when I saw the Disney-inspired nail art from Vivian Xue Rahey — better known on Instagram as @vivxue — I could not believe it. 

Her nail salon Pamper Nail Gallery creates trendy, grown-up nail art with a Disney twist. Think a glow-in-the-dark Fairy Godmother or Pocahontas’ hair flying beautifully across each nail bed. Her freehand designs are so breathtaking, it's as close to Disney magic as you can get!  

Pamper Nail Gallery will create the most detailed Disney princess nail art you could POSSIBLY imagine.

With stiletto and coffin shapes making a comeback, putting Disney characters on them means you can carry Disney magic on every finger. 

There's not one, not two, but three Cinderellas on this set! 

And this glow-in-the-dark Fairy Godmother is SO good!

Although this "Tangled" set is amazing, it is really the thumb details that steals the show. 

There's a whole castle ON HER FREAKING NAIL. 

Mulan's face is SLAYED in this design. 

(Never forget this iconic scene.)

Pocahontas' hair is flowing in the wind on this pink ombre set. 

Who would ever want to go up to land with a set like this? 

You know Ursula would STAY snatchin' voices with these stiletto nails. 

The dream couple Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen appear on these green set. 

Visit @vivxue and @pampernailgallery to check out more impressive nail art! 

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