Easter is in just a couple of days and you already know what that means! It's time to pick out your spring-inspired Easter outfit and to figure out how you'll slay your beauty looks this year. As you carefully plan which color splashes you will bless the world with this Easter, how about considering a makeup and nails theme? 

Below, we've rounded up a few matching Easter makeup and nail ideas that are super cute, super glam, and way to dope to be considered cheesy. Pull out your pastel makeup and nail polish or book those appointments because we've got so many prints, patterns, and techniques to fall for in the Easter beauty list ahead.

Go with a multi-colored look using pastels and play with various patterns.

The nails have multiple patterns going on all their own! I spy tie-dye, rainbow swirls, watercolor, and plaid prints. Although the prints are busy, the overall look is tied together beautifully using pastel pink, blue, and yellow. Also, go ahead and just admit you're obsessed with the swirled pastel cut crease of that eye makeup. It matches beautifully with the swirled nail designs. This is such a gorgeous way to do an Easter theme without looking too corny. Tone down the rest of your look with a minimal outfit and simple yet elegant hairstyles like a pony or soft waves. 

Try solid color-blocked nails with an accent floral nail. 

I live for a color-blocked hand when the hues complement each other. This nail design features solid painting pastel purple, blue, yellow, and pink. What really sets the look apart is the accent nail on each hand featuring a 3D flower design. The eye art is slightly bolder and features three colors from the hand which are blue, yellow, and purple. The matching hair clips on each side beautifully add to the pastel fun. 

Do pastel ombre nails with color-blocked eye makeup. 

This nail art alone is a party for the eyes thanks to its color-blocked ombre design. The nails also have a frosty matte finish that makes them look like delicious pieces of candy! If you're going to match your Easter makeup to your nails, then you don't have to do an exact copy. This eye look uses some of the colors from the manicure. 

The best part about this eye art is that it doesn't require any fancy illustration skills. Simply blend the way you usually do with pink or lavender shadow on the lids, a pastel blue on the lower lid, and a yellow inner eye corner. 

Anybody up for a crazy cute Easter egg hunt?

One of the fun childhood memories I have is going on Easter egg hunts to collect as much candy as I could fit inside of my basket plus a dollar or two if I was lucky. These days, I'm just waiting on the Easter candy to go on sale the day after the holiday. Still, I can celebrate the days skipping across the grass to find Easter goodies with this Easter egg hunt-inspired nail and eye art. 

Need more pastel ombre love in your life? 

Peep how the nail art boasts a lovely blue to pink gradient that goes from one side of the hand to the other. These nails aren't just perfect for Easter as this ombre style has been trending heavily and will do so beyond the holiday. The pink and blue ombre eye art is elevated by a sharp white eyeliner look and bunny ears above the brows. To get those bunny ears done, you'll want to use liquid eyeliner pens with applicator tips that allow you to easily move them without tugging. 

Funny enough though, the white pigment you see here is actually Jeffree Star's liquid lipstick in the shade Drug Lord. A lot of makeup artists use that liquid lipstick for a super pigmented white eyeliner look. If you prefer to use actual eyeliner though, then try the Fantasy Makers MegaLiner Metallic Liquid Eyeliner ($3, Wet N Wild) in the shade Wicked White. It's $1 off on the Wet N Wild website right now. 

Seriously, who says you can't wear dramatic eyes and nails?

This is how you take the ombre trend and make it totally your own. A simple colorful cuticle outline is all it takes. This matching eye art highlights the same colors and even offers a sharp cut crease that's reminiscent of the line along the nail cuticles. I live for a subtle theme! 

Use only two colors from your elaborate Easter nail art. 

It's all about the subtle details, baby! Go with a playful pastel Easter theme on the nails. For your matching makeup, you can pull just two colors from the nail design to create a simple yet FIRE look. In this case, the makeup artist used a shade of purple and a bold teal hue. You can pull off this look with colorful eyeliners or use liner at the top and shadow on the lower lid. If you do use liner on the bottom lashline, then make sure to set it with a matching shadow to keep it in place. Also, PEEP the subtle sparkles underneath the eyes and how they bring out the lowkey glitter placement on the nails. 

Keep your nails simple and solid and have some fun with your eye art!

Once again, this is a kind tribute to the beloved Easter egg hunts. Also, who says you can't slay Easter with your natural nails? Treat yourself to a manicure sans extensions and go for the color-blocked pastel look. Let all of the complex design be done for your eyes with this decorated Easter egg eye art. The Easter egg incorporates all of the colors form your nails. You'll probably want to create this egg the same way that you would a cut crease (with concealer and a flat brush) but aim for a more oval and vertical shape. Then, fill in the colorful Easter egg designs using liquid eyeliner or a really good, creamy pencil eyeliner.

Gotta love the bunnies!

If you're really into a theme then go for this bunny cartoon look on your nails! The manicure looks super cute with its hot pink backgrounds and bunny butts on full display. The carrot accent nails are also a sweet touch. The accompanying eye art is pretty straight forward. Just do a neon hot pink eye, get those brows snatched, and then add bunny ears to the top of your brow line with liner, face paint, or super pigmented eye shadow. 

Spread the lavender love. 

This eye art is all about lavender and pink with tiny Easter eggs, polka dots, and a sharp cut crease. The look is detailed yet simple enough that you could pull it off as long as you're confident in your eyeliner and cut crease skills. The nail art is pretty straight-forward as it only requires solid lavender nails with a single accent nail on the index finger. Yessssss for festive makeup and nail looks for Easter 2019!