No floral nails are quite as easy to pull off as nail stickers. 

photo: Etsy

Get these decals from Etsy in a tone of other floral designs.

You could also use nail glue and add on floral rhinestones — also available in abundance from Etsy

photo: Etsy

Cheat the difficult flower design system and give yourself a half flower. All you need is white and yellow nail polish.

Start the half-flower on any edge of your nails. 

Mix up which floral edge you choose all on one hand!

Don't feel obligated to stick to just white and yellow though. Go as colorful as you like. 

Use a dotting tool and slender nail brush to create this simple black floral look on white nail polish.

Use a gold embellishment in the center of your flower for some added sparkle.

Go with dots in multiple colors so you can show off those spring pastels! 

Press-on nails are a lovely alternative. Get all the floral embellishments you want without damaging your real nails. 

photo: Etsy

There are literally tons of  floral press-on options!

Use a super slender nail brush to draw these fun white flowers on top of your nail polish color.

Making the neatest, perfect flowers isn't the goal. Check out how lovely this manicure looks.

Here's more proof that it's not about being neat, but ALL about making those dots. 

Don't forget how lovely dandelions look! Create this look using the skinniest nail brush you can find on top of DRY nail polish.

Dotting tools in every size from tiny to medium are your VERY best nail art friends!

A bouquet of tulips also isn't as hard as you think. Take it step by step people.

A dotting tool, a slender design brush, and a three nail polish colors will help you create this bunch of flowers. 

The simpler the nail design, the easier it is to pull off if you have the right tools.

Swift quick strokes and this look is COMPLETE. 

And who said nail polish is what you have to reach for to pull off cool floral nails this spring?

Go for a more *abstract* floral nail design. All it requires is a bunch of colorful non-uniform dots. 

Seriously, all you need is to offer the mere illusion of a flower...

Just give the semi-circular shape of a flower using as many colors as you like, then pop a circle in the center.

Get creative with the center of your "flower" and add black swirls like in this design.

Don't forget your dotting hack! It'll give the center of your flower a little something extra.

If you're a *real* lazy girl you can use nail stencils. You place the stencil on your nails and paint over it to create the floral design. 

You can use the same stencil to create totally different designs.

You could also just stock up on a variety of floral stencils; there are TONS.

Design stamping is another way to get a REALLY intricate flower nail design without putting in too much. All you need is a nail stamper. 

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