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Seriously, all you need is to offer the mere illusion of a flower...

Just give the semi-circular shape of a flower using as many colors as you like, then pop a circle in the center.

Get creative with the center of your "flower" and add black swirls like in this design.

Don't forget your dotting hack! It'll give the center of your flower a little something extra.

If you're a *real* lazy girl you can use nail stencils. You place the stencil on your nails and paint over it to create the floral design. 

You can use the same stencil to create totally different designs.

You could also just stock up on a variety of floral stencils; there are TONS.

Design stamping is another way to get a REALLY intricate flower nail design without putting in too much. All you need is a nail stamper. 

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