Creating nail art that's Instagram-ready isn't always as easy as the Pinterest people make it seem.

 Giving yourself a cool manicure design is even harder when you have short nails because so much nail art requires way more nail bed space than you have. 

But have no fear, fellow short manicure lovers. There are actually lots of easy nail art ideas that are perfect for short nails.

Check 20 easy nail art ideas for short nails down below.

All you need is a bold color you like as your base, a single strip down the middle, and one rhinestone to make this short nail art happen. 

Getting cute short nails can also be as simple as mixing up the solid neutrals you use and adding one shimmery nail polish hue as an accent nail.

One gold stripe on a solid nail polish color and you're glam!

Get glitter ombre nails in four easy steps.

Long flower petals may not work for your short nails, but all you need is one dotting tool to create these mini flowers.

Create this fun look with a dotting tool (or toothpick!) and two polishes.

The typical watermelon design is too big for short nails, BUT you can give the close-up watermelon illusion with only three polishes and a dotting tool.

This short nail art idea doesn't even require you to draw a perfectly straight line!

These cute lil' strawberry designs are perfect for ANY nail length.

This half and half look is gorgeous, yet simple. 

Never underestimate the power of perfectly placed dots! 

Less is more so give yourself neutral nails with one killer design on an accent nail. 

Four dots, one stripe, and you're done. 

Or try a design made with criss-crossed lines!

Lines create the perfect minimalist nail art on nails of any length.

Get this simple, retro nail design in four steps. 

Use the fabric from a bath loofah as a template for painting mermaid scales on your nails. 

Just because your nails are short doesn't mean you can't slay an easy ombre!

Instead of doing design that requires more nail length, try one that spans *across* your nail beds — like the super fun heartbeat design. 

Use only one nail polish color for a heartbeat design if achieving the rainbow look is too much!

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