Frozen 2 has been in theaters for weeks now, and fans are still celebrating with some of the most intricate and incredible nail art. 

The Disney princesses have been cast in nail art before, and it's always a magical, artistic endeavor. But these wintry-themed creations are not only based on the popular Disney movie series, but also the winter weather. The icy, frosty styles look so elaborate. 

Other nail art trending recently that is so great for winter is milk nails, a perfect pearl shade that almost looks like snowfall. 

Of course, there's Olaf. 

The happy-go-lucky snowman fits perfectly as nail art, and it's not just a normal snowman. Olaf's expressive face is unmistakable. This artist has a few matte clear nails adorned with snowflakes.

This 3D nail art was inspired by Elsa's frosty powers.

These blue tips look like the sharp ice that Elsa flings from her fingertips. The little snowflakes and gems are perfect for the Frozen theme and add a bit of glam. This artist paid close attention to detail and added some glitter to the tips. 

These nails are literal icicles. 

Don't stand too close to these claws, they look like sharp icicles. "These nails are LITERALLY stiletto shaped ICE CUBES," the artist writes on their Instagram. Now, these are actually frozen. 

These nails are inspired by the two sisters, Elsa and Anna. 

The two princesses are painted delicately on each thumb of this person's hands. In between the rest of the fingernails are blue and sparkly, just like the wintry landscape. The tiny paintings look just like the characters, with plenty of attention to detail on their faces. 

Olaf has some competition for the cutest character in the new movie because Bruni The Salamander now exists. 

This nail art lets the cute characters speak for themselves. Painted on two thumbs are Bruni and Olaf on a deep blue background. The rest of these talons look like silver sparkles.

This Elsa art looks so real it's uncanny. 

I'm shocked that I'm looking at nail art and not a photo from Frozen 2. Elsa looks so realistic on these matte acrylics. Plus, the rest of the art on the remaining fingernails is so intricate and stunning. 

This talented artist painted each of the characters on these nails totally freehand. 

This artist included the reindeer Sven in their artwork, but what's most impressive is the fact that all of these paintings were done freehand. It's a real art to paint on such a tiny surface. 

This lavender color blends well with the bright blue of Elsa's dress. 

These calming colors mesh well together and look so pretty with the Elsa artwork. There are a few accent nails featuring lavender glitter and nude snowflakes. Add some bling to give the 3D effect, like this artist did.